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12 Weeks to lean test 2

You’ve tried other programs before, but you haven’t tried this – and I promise that you be glad that you did. If you feel confused by all the fluff, gimmicks, and fads out there, and you just want an easy to follow, CHALLENGING, results based and evidence driven training program geared to get you to your goals – then this is the perfect plan for you.

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  • 140 Page eBook teaching you the truth behind the science of fat loss – and the methods for losing fat that actually work. These are the same exact methods I use to create every client plan.
  • Step by step tutorial on how to find the perfect calories and macronutrient set up for your goals.
  • A FULLY DESIGNED 12 Week Training Program
  • Hard pounding, fat building, and lean, toned muscle building strength training workouts that will get up pumped in the gym.
  • A complete guideline straight to your goals.
  • A supportive community of RoxStars just like you, in a private Facebook Group where you can interact with me directly! Get motivation, support, focus, and more, so that this time you can change your body, and change it for good.

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