Get Ready to Transform Your Entire Fitness Journey - From Start to Finish!

CONGRATULATIONS for taking the next step, and finally taking control of your fitness goals! To be honest, so many people don’t even get up to this point – and allow room for the triumphs that taking MASSIVE ACTION can do for them.

Let me go over exactly what you can expect once you embark on this new highly exclusive journey as a RoxStar.

Think of Our Work as a Hybrid Program Between In-Person Personal Training, Online Training, and Life Coaching

Even if you’ve worked with other coaches and trainers in the past, I want you to realize this program is like NO OTHER PROGRAM you’ve ever done before.

  • Our work digs VERY DEEP within your emotional connection to food, how you see yourself, and your reasons WHY you do what you do.
  • We work VERY CLOSELY to establish new habits, and eliminate destructive thoughts and patterns that have held you back in relation to your fitness goals.
  • NOTE: We ARE NOT a counseling program or therapy, so we work within our scope of practice and refer out if needed.
  • My main goal is to ensure that by the time you finish your work with me – be it 8 weeks, 6 months, 1 year or beyond, you have ALL the tools you need to be successful in working on your own – but now equipped with the actual skills to transform your body.


This will be an actual LEARNING PROCESS where I will eventually TEACH YOU:

  • how to create your own meal plan
  • figure out calories and macros
  • design your own training and cardio program for your body and goals
  • and most importantly how to gain full control of your fitness while meshing it with your lifestyle.
  • These later skills are taught to you should you decide to commit to working with me after our intial 8 weeks.
  • Our first 8 weeks is first about conquering the mindset stuff as that’s the hardest to overcome.
  • It’s MY job to take the guesswork OUT of the equation for you so that you can go on AUTOPILOT.
  • I am going to be taking you under my wing for the initial few weeks that we work together, and intensively coach you into bringing out your absolute best.
  • Our main goal and focus – to face your bad habits and pitfalls head-on, to establish some new goals to drive you forward. To give you accountability and responsibility in taking the lead towards your success. And to get some quick results to have you feel EMPOWERED and accomplished along the way.
  • My #1 expectation of you – bring your BEST (not perfection!) every single week!
  • Our initial 8 weeks is a PROVING GROUND for you. You are still being evaluated in your seriousness to commit to your own goals and desires. Your full participation will determine whether you will be invited to work with me even further on your continual longer-term goals. AND VICE VERSA!

The First Step to the New You...
Your 8 Week Road Map Strategy Call

The first step before we continue is to identify your goals, and clearly define EXACTLY what we’re going to be doing in our initial process of working together. Setting goals is a CRUCIAL part of the process, and allowing you to be able to clearly visualize and KNOW what we’re striving for, week after week, is going to be the BIGGEST game changer for you.

  • We will reserve a time for us to have an intimate conversation about EXACTLY what you want.
  • This will be a 60 minute call – and simply done over the phone. If you are an international client, we can have this call over Skype Voice.
  • I will ask you some very specific questions to help you to flesh out a game plan. So EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY SPECIFIC GOALS IN MIND, it doesn’t matter, we will easily be able to identify what’s most important to you. Then from there, get a solid game plan in place.
  • When I send your plan, you’ll be given a print out of our notes from our call – and use this as your roadmap to drive you forward.
  • Should you continue to work with me after the 8 week foundational period, we will have another call, but this time focus on a 12 or 16 week goal.
  • And every 12 to 16 weeks, we will repeat this process.

Every Client Works w/ TWO Coaches
- Meet Your Success Coach!

The one thing I know, is that there is no “I” in team.

I often find that clients need a TON of help and support – particularly in the very beginning of our work – as we embark on setting new goals and habits.

Changing your MINDSET isn’t easy.

Getting results isn’t easy – and it’s not just about getting a new diet and training program… You know this.

So when you begin my program, not only will you be working closely with me, but you will also be working closely with one of my amazing Success Coaches.

The main responsibility of your Success Coach is to help to keep you motivated, accountable, and on track.

They will be that voice in your ear, and that angel on your shoulder, helping you to navigate those times of doubt, worry, self-sabotage, overthinking, and all the mind taffy you struggle with that throws you off.

They are also there to be your biggest cheerleader – and ensure you stay 100% accountable when it comes to your program.

You can establish with them how often you two will be in contact – some clients need daily check-in’s via email with their coach, some every other day, some once a week. And that can change during your relationship with us. Whatever you need we are there for you as a team.

Each week, you will also submit a weekly goal to myself and your Success Coach. And in this way, you are always keeping a pulse on making sure we are attaining every single goal you wish to accomplish – and being held to the responsibility of making it happen, together.

This is How Your Program is Delivered...

Your meal plan is ALL spelled out for you! So there’s no guess what to eat and how much you need to be eating! I do all the math for you, figuring out the appropriate amount of calories and macros to get you to your goals.

  • Your questionnaire form will spell out for me all of your likes, dislikes, sensitivities, and allergies.
  • Any special considerations you have will be taken into account. (Gluten free, vegetarian/vegan, etc)
  • You will need to invest in a digital food scale to measure your foods.
  • Tell me how many meals you eat a day, and I’ll keep that as close to possible. Our typical plans have 3 to 6 meals per day.
  • Flexible dieting is the CORNERSTONE of our work. You’ll be able to swap things out using our food sub calculator.
  • Weekly cheat meals, and other aspects of dietary freedom are implemented into your plan after the 1st week.
  • I expect FULL compliance for the first week we work together to establish a base for your meal plan.

You'll Have a PRIVATE Portal to Access Your Plan

  • We will create a personal login profile for you to access your plan.
  • Your personal dashboard holds your pics from week to week.
  • You’ll have 24 hour access to your training program and meal plan.
  • You can download PDF versions of ALL your files.
  • Your workouts are individual PDF files you can easily download anytime.
  • Track your meal plan compliance with our Compliance Tracker.
  • Swap foods out ANYTIME with our Food Substitution Calculator.
  • Report your progress to me directly from your Report Data page.
los angeles personal trainer

Your training program is going to consider a number of factors:

  • Your current goals.
  • Your body type and what we are looking to mold and change.
  • Whether you are a competitor or not.
  • And your availability.

Our main focus is to fit your training program into your CURRENT schedule and availability. I’m not going to force you to train on days you don’t have available. But as your schedule changes, you can let me know, and we can adjust accordingly.

Our other driving factor behind every workout is simply making sure you RAISE THE BAR every time you are in the gym.

You will be expected to keep a logbook of ALL of your training. So you will need to record every workout, and then from there simply beating your numbers! Besting your best! It’s that kind of work that will lead to change. We have one guarantee when it comes to the body – it loves a challenge and WANTS TO ADAPT. And it’s that adaptation that brings about change.

  • Everything is spelled out for you – reps, sets, tempo, rest periods! So you don’t have to guess what to do when you get to the gym.
  • Every exercise has a video tutorial, so if you have questions about how to execute a move, simply watch the video.
  • Got further questions about YOUR form? Great! Shoot a video, put it up as an unlisted link on YouTube, and send me that link. I’ll be able to review it, and correct you via video. Here’s an example:

My approach to training is PROGRESSIVE, rooted in science, driven by evidence, and follows a periodized approach. Actual program changes occur at 4 week intervals. This allows you to MASTER your program, establish a base for conditioning and strength, TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE, and work in a way that is proven to drive results.

The variety in your workouts come DIRECTLY from you working to increase weight from week to week, do more in the gym, beat your numbers, throwing on extra reps or sets where appropriate, and work in a way that causes PERMANENT change.

Now The REAL Work Begins... Our BREAKTHROUGH "RTC Competitor Development Boot Camp" Intensive

As I told you, you’ll be working SUPER closely with me to make sure we set you up for IMMEDIATE success. Part of that success is defining even CLEARER goals.

The purpose behind our RTC Competitor Development Boot Camp Intensive is to give you the ONUS of taking responsibility for your desires through specific goal setting, making sure you begin to learn the in’s and out’s of the sport of bodybuilding, what to expect once you get to the competition level, and then planning specifically to make it happen. During this workshop, I’m going to reveal to you, and DIRECTLY TEACH YOU the EXACT formula for my own personal success over the years. Both in fitness and in life. I’m going to take you under my wing and reveal all the “secrets” behind what makes a successful competitor, and how you can get the most out of your experience on your journey to the stage.

I’ve taught this to every single competitor client – and it’s the reason we have such a HIGH number of transformational success.

  • The workshop is in a self-paced eCourse that you’ll enroll into on our site.
  • You will work alongside your Success Coach to make sure you stay on the program, meet deadlines, and stay accountable.
  • Each week you’ll have some easy to complete modules/lessons to tackle, some lessons have a super easy 5 or so question quiz to make sure you’ve actually LEARNED the material I am teaching you (the easiest quiz you can ever take, lol).
  • Each of these lessons will give you a ton of clarity, guidance, and my step by step formula to REALLY knock our work out of the park week by week, and equip you with the tools you need to be a smarter competitor, and true fan of the sport.
  • You’ll also use our Facebook Group for follow up and accountability as well.

RTC Competitor Development Boot Camp Weekly Syllabus

  • Week 1 Understanding The Sport – Webinar
  • Week 2 Choosing A Division And Physique Evaluation
  • Week 3 Nutrition Basics for Competitors
  • Week 4 Training Basics for Competitors
  • Week 5 Poise & Presentation to Win Part 1
  • Week 6 What the Judges Look For
  • Week 7 Mental Toughness and the Competitors Mindset
  • Week 8 Evaluation and Conclusion – What’s Next

Reporting In and Following Up

Following up is a VERY serious part of our work together.

Please Note: I don’t take missed updates lightly! You MUST submit your update when requested, and you MUST submit them on time.

If you are running late with it due to LIFE happening… No worries! Simply let me know that you need a few days, tell me when you think you’ll be able to update, and we will adjust your assigned date for you.

  • Continually missing updates or not submitting at all WILL RESULT IN YOUR DISMISSAL FROM MY COACHING PROGRAM.
  • Disappearing or ghosting at any point during our work together WILL RESULT IN YOUR DISMISSAL FROM MY COACHING PROGRAM.
  • Not responding to emails or text message follow-ups in the same timely fashion you expect of me WILL RESULTS IN YOUR DISMISSAL FROM MY COACHING PROGRAM.
  • These are rules applied to every client, regardless of how long they’ve been working with me.


The Follow Up Process

  • You’ll be assigned a date in which to update each week.
  • Your training cycles in this initial phase are 7 days long. That starts from the day I send your plan, to 7 days after that.
  • You’ll see your submission date on your training program schedule, meal plan, and portal dashboard upon logging in.
  • Please mark this date in your calendar as a reminder so that you don’t miss it.
  • You’ll need to submit pics, measurements, and feedback answers from the questions on your report data page.
  • I will go over this and during our follow up calls, advise you about your next moves.
  • In between our group coaching calls, you will get AUDIO MP3 FEEDBACK from me to talk about your progress for the week, and what you need to work on to keep crushing your goals.
  • Any changes to your meal plan and/or schedule or workouts will be made at this point.
  • Every other week, you are REQUIRED to jump into our group coaching call. This call is held every other Wednesday, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon/evening. Sign up for the time that works best for you.
  • Updates take about 2 business days for me to complete. So you will be expected to simply stay on plan until given further instructions.
  • In addition, you’ll submit a weekly goal via an online form so that you, myself, and your Success Coach can keep you on track and focused.

What Happens After 8 Weeks...?

My goal is to mentor you…

Coach you…

Train you…

And GUIDE YOU to your best body yet, and full-scale transformation like nothing you’ve ever done before.

Our work together isn’t going to JUST have an impact on your health and fitness, but also on your life as a whole. And how you see yourself as a woman – empowered, confident, and successful.

And that’s a whole LOT to promise in simply 8 weeks. Really, our MAIN objective is to start to lay the foundation for that level of growth, and the road ahead. And please keep in mind…

This applies to BOTH competitors and non-competitors.

Once we get to the final week of our initial work, we will determine what your next move needs to be.

  • How successfully you complete our foundational work will allow us to determine if continuing with this very close 1-on-1 type of working environment is best for you. If so, I’ll suggest you continue within my Platinum Level 1-on-1 Transformational Mentorship Coaching Program. 

We will explore those options for you around week 6 of our initial foundational program. For those with contest prep goals, at the end of our initial 8 weeks, we will have a MUCH better idea of whether beginning on a prep is realistic, or if you need more time in which to do so.

How Much Is Your Success Worth To You?
What Are You Willing to Invest in This VALUE Based Program?

  • My mentorship program is going to require you to put some skin in the game.
  • When you INVEST in yourself you show up dedicated and ready to work.
  • It’s not a cheap program – and that’s a benefit because it weeds out those who are simply not serious or don’t want to really change – the question, is that you?
  • But IT IS affordable in that I allow you to have some flexible payment options that can work within your budget.
  • Look at this as an INVESTMENT and NOT A PURCHASE.
    • Other training programs and coaching programs are purchases – they get you a result (sometimes), but the benefit ends after you stop working with that trainer. You learn nothing long term, and sometimes feel you’ve lost what you put in – especially if you can’t keep the changes.
    • MY MENTORSHIP PROGRAM is an investment. Why?
      • Because you are going to get out way more than you put in.
      • The changes we make are going to shift your mindset and entire approach, making it easier for you to get long term results.
      • You’re going to walk away with a new “way of working” that you can continue successfully on your own to repeat the results you get whenever you wish.
      • You’re going to actually work closely on eliminating your bad habits, and spend an entire 8 weeks to establish new ones.
        • They say it takes 30 days to establish new habits, so imagine the permanence of doing the right things over and over for 60 days, and beyond.
      • Because it is focused on total transformation – not only in your way of eating but in the way you train, learning how to do both even better than you do now. And even more, will leave you with a confidence in yourself that can only be had when you do the deep work to get there.

Ok! Now Let's Get You Enrolled...

  • First, we need to make your payment. Please click the button below to update your billing right now.
  • Next, I will send you an email to set up your 8 Week Plan Your Roadmap Strategy Call.
  • I will also send you the “New Client Welcome Packet” email with everything you need to get started with your enrollment paperwork and questionnaire.
  • Once you submit your paperwork, it will only take me 4 business days to get your program to you.
  • Please fill out and submit your forms within 2-3 business days.

Enter Your Billing Information Right Now

Only you have access to your billing info. I will run your payment as we’ve agreed immediately upon receiving your billing. If we made specific arrangements, I will honor that. However you need to enter your billing information right away.

Please use the username/password you created upon requesting your appointment on my schedule. That’s our company’s merchant account as well.