How My RoxStars and I RADICALLY Approach Goal Setting

What if I told you that everything you’ve been taught about goal setting IS WRONG!

What if I told you that I’ve developed a way of setting goals that simply gets MY CLIENTS RESULTS. I mean REAL freakin results, that lead to long lasting change – physically, mentally, and more. All of the things that gets them to not only create changes, but to KEEP them long term.

Because what the hell is the point of doing ALL this work, and then having it disappear because you haven’t been TAUGHT by your trainer or coach about how to maintain everything you’ve earned.

Take a listen to this. Let it inspire you, fire you up to change your approach to goal setting… And hopefully see how I can help you to implement this right now – and finally start to see that body of yours transform before your eyes.

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Want to Step on Stage?

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned athlete, my contest prep and competitor development program is all about bringing out the BEST you on (and off) stage. Let’s create a plan that brings balance, and hard work – TOGETHER. And gets you on that stage looking like, and feeling like, an absolute WINNER. All Science/NO B.S.


Look and FEEL Your Best

If you have no aspirations to step on stage, but you want to get into (and STAY in) the best shape of your life, then I want you to click here. Let me show you how we can transform your body – and your entire life through fitness. And give you the tools for LONG-TERM success. Because it’s not just about GETTING THERE – it’s about STAYING there.