Special Announcement About An Exclusive Opportunity To Work With Roxie, Personally...

How Many Times Have You Said To Yourself, Damn It! I'm Sick And Tired Of Feeling Stuck With My Diet And Training And Just Wish Someone Could Tell Me EXACTLY What To Do To Get Results?

Dear Friend,

Do you take your fitness life seriously – or are you someone who’s just a fitness “hobbyist”?

What’s the difference? And why does this matter?

Well, a hobbyist is one of those people who kind of shows up at the gym (from time to time), but doesn’t really put in the work that needs to be done to create REAL change.

They say they’re “active” but really, that means that maybe they walk more than average, or they might pick up a weight once every other month. Or they follow the newest diet trends (only to crash and burn after the first month – or heck even the first week!).

Hobbyists are just that. They see fitness as an “activity.”

But you, I assume, aren’t that kind of person.

And even if you are, you want to change that!

You want to be someone who is truly dedicated to their health.

If you’re someone who is actually putting in the time to train, to eat better, and to try to use fitness as a means to not only change your body, and achieve MASSIVE goals…

This may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why – because I’m going to show you not only what I began to do when I seriously shifted my approach to fitness that not only changed everything for me personally… But how implementing this on my clients has been able to do that for them too. And I’m going to show YOU how to apply it to your approach to fitness.

Just in case you’re wondering….. the reason I say it ‘changed everything for me personally, is because…

I’ve been finally able to get off my butt and dig deep into achieving my personal fitness goals – EVEN WHEN I WENT THROUGH ONE OF THE DEEPEST DEPRESSIVE PERIODS OF MY LIFE.

When I wasn’t sure if I could go on anymore, and my motivation to get up and train fell through the floor.

When I knew that the thing to make me feel better was to MOVE, to train, to WORKOUT.

But I couldn’t muster up the strength to do it. To actually do what I loved, but felt that deep frustration that I couldn’t get motivated to take action.

I had to come up with a new way of approaching fitness.

Because the old way wasn’t working.

Focusing on simply losing weight “here,” toning muscle “there,” or fitting into XYZ article of clothing was no longer the business.

What WAS important was getting my life back, getting my sanity back, and getting myself into an organized groove where I can show up, do the work, have a great workout, and keep my eyes on my overall goals.


And by shifting my mind beyond what every other fitness professional says that’s important (the external stuff)…

By getting deeply connected to my reasons “Why?”…

And by incorporating meditation, journaling, and mindset work…

I’ve been able to transform my body in a way that allows fitness to truly become a lifestyle.

I started seeing not only my body change, but I saw my entire life being impacted by this new outlook. I took the pressure off and started to ENJOY THE JOURNEY again.

Who cares how much weight you lose over time if you can’t KEEP it off.

If you’re still yo-yoing the same 5, 10, 15, 20, 50+ pounds!

Or if you’re working out day and night but you’re still not able to put on the muscle you want. And you’re not REALLY that happy with your results despite all the effort.

I’m telling you, what I’ve discovered, and what I’ve been able to then replicate with the clients I work with… This stuff, the way we now approach fitness has changed their bodies and gotten them results like never before. Just in the way I have.

But to tell you the truth, it’s even better than the results! Know why?

Two things:

First, we live in a culture that is SO youth-obsessed, sex-obsessed and objectifies us based on how we look. And when your goals are driven by this, it becomes hard over time to stay motivated on doing all this stuff for you

We fall victim to feeling like we’re never going to look like “that” (celebrities, models, influencers), and it makes you want to throw in the towel and just QUIT!

Or we feel like because we’re getting older, our bodies can’t “do what it used to,” we assume everything just breaks down and continues to downward spiral as each year passes.


And I found myself falling victim to this mindset. I was driving myself crazy!

I had moments where I felt my worth as a woman, as a human, was based on trying to stay as youthful as I can forever. Trying to be and stay attractive for the sake of men, and finding a partner.

Eventually, this obsession with the external parts of fitness just drove me insane.

My self-esteem started to become greatly impacted. And I started to believe those vicious lies about what my fitness “should” mean to me…

I stopped enjoying it.

It became a chore.

And it got harder and harder for me to want to just get up and do it. Even on the days when I didn’t have the motivation.

And that wasn’t me!

I started to see that I was becoming a shadow of myself. And that scared me more than anything.

“This Can’t Be It For My Life,” I Thought… I Feared What Would Happen To My Fitness Next

I watched every day pass me by as I became a shell of myself. I questioned what would happen to my body, my mental state, and my life if this is what my fitness dwindled down to.

Working out, for me, was never just about looking a certain way. I mean, yes, it is partly. But what has ALWAYS mattered more is how having a life rooted in fitness, taking care of my health, and challenging myself in my life through competing (both on and off stage) all positively impacted me.

How it all made me feel AMAZING.

Feel confident.

And feel like I’m on a private mission to achieve new goals at each stage of life. Every decade, every year, every day was a new opportunity to see what I’m made of and how much more I can push myself by way of being inspired by my daily life habits that started with my workout.

When I lost that, I remember constantly thinking to myself (as I had staring sessions face up on my bed, staring at the white ceiling), “Is THIS it?! Is THIS what your life has come to Roxie? Is THIS how you’re going to end over 30 years of dedication to your fitness?”

These were HARD questions. But someone had to say it!

Let me ask you this…

Touch your heart RIGHT NOW if you can relate. If you know what it’s like to lose your motivation. Or to be at a point where maybe you have a groove but you’re stuck. You need something MORE.

Guidance, support…

A road map.


Well, that’s where I was too.

And when I could finally admit to myself the absolute truth… I could finally pick up the pieces and craft my next steps to getting off my butt and getting back on my path to empowerment.

When I Pulled It Together, Got On A Program, And Set My Goals – My Body Changed FAST!

It’s funny how muscle memory is truly a real thing.

The hardest part is, always, starting. But once you’re in the groove, staying on track is easy.

What did it for me?

Well, I had to draft a plan. I had to decide what I wanted to work on physically, and what body parts I might want to build up.

I created that program and followed it to the letter. Before you knew it, I was 10 pounds down and feeling EMOTIONALLY AND MENTALLY inspired again.

Next, I had to decide on some next personal challenges I wanted to take up. Perhaps doing a bodybuilding show or training for a 5k race. I needed something that helped me to think beyond just the gym.

But most of all, what really changed was the mindset-shifting work I put into my transformation.

Setting daily goals.


Building a solid foundation for daily meditation and prayer. These were the things that made the MAJOR difference.

And what I also came up with was a plan. Fully spelled out workouts, knowing how many calories to roughly eat per day, and turning to my community of support via my very own Roxstars – those were the KEY to my success. 

I needed a way to go on autopilot and not have to think too much. Just show up, follow my program, and do the work.

Who would have thought? The same thing I did for my clients is what I needed for myself – and my own success.

That’s GREAT Roxie! But, How Can This Help ME With My Goals?

I’m really glad you asked! Because it’s this kind of story that I hear time and again from women (and some men) who come to me seeking my help.

A lot of people ASSUME, that I can’t possibly relate to their struggles. But the truth IS that I CAN and I DO.

And I want to tell you from someone who is much like you, and who has worked with HUNDREDS of other folks just like you, that you’re not alone.

But the thing that will help you to get unstuck is having a plan.

And not just any plan. A setup that allows you to go on autopilot, and that’s designed BY A PROFESSIONAL who understands the body, and can get into your head to allow you to see YOUR success.

Let’s face it – you thrive with some kind of structure.

And being able to have structure that can be FLEXIBLE within your lifestyle, and that keeps you inspired is the perfect solution to getting motivated. And to finally start seeing your body look the way it should, given the effort you’re putting in.

Work Closely With Me Each Month In My Membership Group Coaching Program – Drop The Guesswork And Get The Results You Deserve

I always say that I don’t “sell” people on anything.

I simply present the issue, and I offer a way to get a solution.

A solution I stand by, a solution I know that gets results and a solution that I know that person will really appreciate and love.

And that’s what I want to present you with. An opportunity to get unstuck.

An opportunity that is worth the investment – and an affordable one, IF you think you’re worth it.

If what I have to say here inspires you to take action, then the only thing left to do is simply get you signed up. Let’s go!