Thinking About If This Is Right For You? Let’s Break It Down

So you're considering coaching - but you're on the fence...

First off, kudos to you for taking the next step in taking COMPLETE CONTROL of your fitness goals!

You realize that things are a little tough for you right now, and figuring things out on your own isn’t working, hasn’t been working, and you know you need the help.

Perhaps you’ve even revealed to me that you’ve had a trainer or coach in the past (or you’re currently working with one) that…

  • Didn’t PUT YOU FIRST
  • Treated you like a number
  • Got results for a little while, but things have stopped working
  • Doesn’t understand nutrition in a way to help you to TRULY reach your goals
  • Has a training or coaching philosophy or approach that just doesn’t work FOR YOU

Whatever that reason, you know that you can’t continue on like this… Something has to change. And you want to do things completely differently.

But let’s face it…

Even though YOU KNOW you need this, and that you really want to work with me...

You're scared, you don't fully trust it, and you need to KNOW you won't waste your money or time.