Experience Our Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Call

How important is hands-on support to you?

If you’ve worked with other online coaching programs, you might have experienced very little support and contact with your coach in a personal manner. Likely a lot of email, maybe some phone texting.

Your contact with other clients may be in Facebook Group or similar…

But what kind of difference would it make for you if your MENTOR was right by your side. So real, that it’s almost as though she’s there with you, in the flesh…

And not only that, you get to actually TALK TO folks just like you. With a common goal of transforming their bodies and shifting their entire lifestyle?

People you can learn from, and grow with – and have all the support in the world.

You’ll never have to struggle again on your own! You’ll have an entire network, including your mentors right there ready to catch you when you fall, and to support and cheer you on when you are flying high.

Well that’s the experience you get when you become a RoxStar and work with me as your coach and mentor.

I want you to experience what our group coaching calls are like.

  • The amazing amount of support you get.
  • The opportunity to learn and grow from others in a TANGIBLE way.
  • The ability to work out all of the kinks and mind taffy that might be holding you back, and the direct solution to getting to the next level – continuing successfully towards your goals.

Every other week, we all meet up on a group coaching call. And during that call, we talk about 3 things:

  • What breakthroughs and triumphs you’ve had during the week.
  • What obstacles you may be dealing with that we need to give you solutions for.
  • What is one thing you are grateful for in this moment.

What’s great about these calls is that not only is it an opportunity for my entire client base to touch base with me directly… But it’s an opportunity for them to get to know each other, to lend support, and to share experiences.

You’ll always know, you’re not alone and someone is in your corner.

I want you to experience what that’s like.

I recorded one of our group coaching calls, and with permission of those who participated, I am sharing it with you.

During this call, in particular, we touched on some REALLY important topics that I know a lot of people struggle with – you might be as well…

  • Dealing with body dysmorphia, and how to stop being super self-critical
  • Fearing failure and quitting before you reach your goals (self-sabotage)
  • The importance of patience in the process, and how being consistent is key to your success.

Click to listen below – get inspired, and take away some actionable tips I want you to apply to your approach TODAY!

Trouble Listening? Click to Download Here via Google Drive

How Far Can You Go With This Kind of Support - REAL, HANDS-ON, AND TANGIBLE?

Look, my goal is to provide every single client with the support to know one thing…


They are NOT just number or another client on my “roster”.

Instead, they are someone with real goals, real dreams, and that I care. And so that’s why giving each client real-world support is important to me.

“Online” doesn’t have to mean far away in that I’m not personally accessible to you.

To me, it’s quite the contrary. The only reason why we’re online is that we’re not face to face! Regardless of distance, I am there for you.

  • Supporting you.
  • Guiding you.
  • Mentoring you.

And giving you all the tools you need to not only GET TO YOUR GOAL – but to stay there in the long-term.

And if you know this kind of support is EXACTLY what you need to finally start succeeding at your goals… Then you absolutely cannot afford to NOT give yourself the opportunity to simply WIN…

Don’t waste another moment!

Get on the phone with me right now. Let’s discuss what’s going on with you. What’s holding you back.

And exactly what you need to be doing RIGHT NOW to get to your goals, change your body, and really, enhance your entire life through fitness.

Set up your complimentary call right now! 60 minutes with me can literally change your entire life.