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Meet Your Teacher/Mentor

IFBB Pro Roxie Beckles

Bred in Brooklyn, NY. Now living in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

I have a true PASSION for fitness that spans well back into the 80s. I started working as a personal trainer in 1997, it was literally my DREAM JOB.

Over the years I have had the amazing privilege to train at some of the top facilities and organizations in the fitness world. From New York Sports Club, to NY Health and Racquet Club, The Sports Club/LA, and the New York Road Runner’s Foundation.

I currently coach women online from around the globe who see fitness as their top priority, who love to go BEAST in the gym, and either compete – or simply want to look like a competitor.

  • BFA in Dance from Fordham University (NY)
  • Professional Dancer Trained at Alvin Ailey, Dance Theater of Harlem and Joffrey Ballet NY
  • Started Competing in 2010
  • Turned Pro in 2013 at Team Universe (1st Place)
  • Placed Top 3 on the Pro Level Right Out of the Gate
  • Competed at the 2014 Olympia (Women’s Physique)
  • Has Competed in Over 30 Shows Since 2010
  • Specializes in working specifically w/ women for both contest prep and non-contest prep goals