How FEAR is BLOCKING Your Fitness Goals

I’ve got to share something with you… For a long time, there was this one thing that literally killed me inside.

It gripped my soul, my mind, and everything I thought was possible to achieve. It forced me to live small, and not reach my fullest potential when it came to my goals… And that one thing was…


When I was finally to get over my own mind taffy, and fear of simply doing what my heart desires, I was able to unlock some amazing things, experiences, and more in my life.

And to tell you the truth… I see how fear totally grips the hearts and minds of my clients every single day. So many of them, when they came to me, had a fear about failing – yet again – at their goals. Not being able to get “there” – after years of doing everything they can.

The one thing that helps them to get rid of that fear is by etching out a game plan, and keeping their eyes focused on the road ahead. Celebrating mini triumphs, and simply knowing that they CAN be successful – especially when they’re working alongside someone who’ll do everything in her power to see them triumph.

So today, I want to discuss with you how fear can really be a huge crippling monkey wrench when it comes to your goals. Take a moment to watch the video below. Hopefully it’ll help you to ease your mind, and be able to truly start to unlock the realities of what’s possible when you set your mind towards your absolute success.


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