I want to take a moment to thank you so much for your interest in my amazing, total lifestyle transformation mentorship program.

The concept of feminine energy, and how it directly relates to not only your fitness but your life as well, is a very foreign one.

And it’s honestly something that a lot of folks have yet to grasp within the fitness industry. It’s something I had not discovered for myself until I was literally at a point of being at rock bottom in my mindset, my goals, my fitness lifestyle, and other aspects of my life.

I had no drive, no connection, no focus. And I know that if I didn’t do SOMETHING, I would be in dire trouble.

Empowered Feminine Fitness Was Born Out of That – And The Exact Steps I Took to Turn My Life Around With FITNESS as The Driving Factor

And I want to share this experience with you.

Before we begin the 7-Day Boot Camp, I’m going to take you on a quick 3 day intro to the program. From there, you’ll be able to better navigate the stuff I have to share – and truly imply it all in the way I intend you to to.

Let’s start things off with you learning more about the program in this quick 7-minute intro video.

What to Expect Over The Next Few Days

Boot Camp Intro 1: What’s Masculine vs Feminine Energy

Before we dive into day 1 of Boot Camp I want to explore for you exactly what feminine and masculine energy is. And most importantly, how they have a major impact on your life – and fitness goals/results.

Boot Camp Intro 2: How Your Masculine Energy is Wrecking Havoc on Your Life

Before digging into the full program, I want to give you a clear idea of exactly why it’s crucial for you to empower your feminine energy, and get a true hold on your masculine. This could be a matter of serious health!

Bootcamp Day 1: Setting Your Goals on Fire

We’re going to power up your week by helping you to shine a spotlight on goal setting. In this coaching lesson, I’m going to walk you through an amazing step-by-step process to set daily goals that will have you raising the bar in the gym, in the kitchen, and in your life this week.

Boot Camp Day 2: Get This Free Workout Program

We could have a fitness focused program without a kick butt RoxStar workout in hand, right? Right! Let me spice up your training with an amazing total body strength training program that will allow you to connect deeply with your body, push your strength, and help you to set new levels in the gym.

Boot Camp Day 3: The Power of Intuitive Eating

The fitness industry has placed such an unhealthy heavy emphasis on diet that it’s almost to point where folks are confused about even the basics of how to eat. I want you to drop the fads and the trends and learn to LISTEN to your body. In this coaching lesson, I want to uncover the power of intuitive eating, and give you tools to put eating based on YOUR body’s needs in place.

Boot Camp Day 4: Journaling Your Way to EMPOWERMENT

Journaling has become a POWER tool for all of our RoxStars. It’s in fact one of the major game changers that has helped many of them to overcome stress, food anxieties, dependence on the scale, self-sabotage and more. In this coaching lesson, I want to give you an amazingly uplifting journaling assignment that’s going to set your goals on fire even deeper.

Boot Camp Day 5: The Power of Meditation and Your Sanity

We’ve covered setting goals, we’ve got you onto a great program, you’ll be trying out intuitive eating during the week, and now… I want to give you some tools to help manifest your reality, quiet your mind, give you incredible focus, and allow you to take time to calm and center yourself. Meditation is a major part of the work we do with our clients, and literally helps them to dynamically shift their entire lives. And in this coaching lesson, I’m going to be sharing that gift with you.

Boot Camp Day 6: Reflecting on Your Week

As we close in on the final days of our boot camp program, I want to give you a moment to reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself so far. We’ve taken a whole different approach with your fitness routine, and flipped it on its head. But most of all, hopefully have allowed you to have an amazing experience in exploring a newer, deeper connected way of working. This coaching lesson is all about reflecting upon that, and giving you some tools for moving forward.

Boot Camp Day 7: Talk to Me About Your Experience

On the final day of our boot camp, I want to connect with you! After all that work you just did, you don’t think I’m going to just leave you hanging right? Well, I want to know what you’ve experienced, and ask you a few crucial questions to help you to find some clarity about how you can take all of this and move forward with it.

So be prepared to set up a 30 minute follow up call so we can ensure you apply these tools properly towards your goals.