Thank You – Discovery and Enrollment Session: Here’s What’s Next

Thank you so much for submitting your Discovery Call Form.

Please keep an eye on your text messages. Either Roxie or one of our enrollment coaches will personally contact you to confirm your appointment (if they haven’t already).

Please be ready for your call promptly at the time you’ve requested. And keep in mind, that call is set in PACIFIC STANDARD TIME.

  • For Complimentary Discovery and Enrollment Calls, it will take about 60 mins of your time.
  • Please be ready for our call in a quiet area, and not be driving. We need your full attention for the call.
  • If you and Roxie (or your assigned enrollment coach) decide that you will continue on as a RoxStar, we will be able to get you started at the completion of our call. That may take an additional 10 mins or so.
  • Please keep in mind, we only enroll about 20% of the applicants and inquiries we get. So we promise to lead by integrity and only extend that offer to you if we feel we truly have a solution for you, and can help you attain your goals 100%.
  • Prior to our call – please go over the program information page. It fully breaks down the technical aspects of the program. Click here to view it.

The number we will call you from is 310 692 4104, which is our official appointment line number.

  • If you need to change this appointment, please make sure to do this RIGHT AWAY.
  • Please note that no show appointments simply prove to us that you either aren’t ready to work at the capacity it really takes to reach your goals, or that you simply do not respect Roxie’s time. If this occurs, unfortunately, she will not be willing to work with you now or in the future.
  • Please let us now ASAP if you need to reschedule. Simply shoot an email to [email protected]

Have a Spouse or Significant Other You Need to Discuss Things With…?

Hey! We get it, sometimes a client’s decision to move forward hangs in the balance of talking things over with their spouse or significant other. And we totally respect that.

What we do ask is that you ask your partner to please be available to speak with us during the final end of our call, should we decide to move forward and get you started on coaching.

Roxie wants to lay it all out for you both to discuss openly and feel 100% comfortable with you moving forward. 

It will make it MUCH easier to do it this way, and it will allow you a chance to also not be talked out of your goals by a spouse who potentially doesn’t “get” or understand your reasons for wanting this in the first place. It also allows us all to openly talk about the financial investment, and have everyone on the same page.