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Contest Prep Doesn’t Have to be Unhealthy!


If You’re Preparing for Your Upcoming Show, I Can Get You LEAN and STAGE READY with My All Science, NO BS Approach


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  • If you’re feeling confused about how to eat and train PROPERLY for your upcoming show…
  • If you’re frustrated and discouraged because your old methods are not working.
  • If you don’t want to spend HOURS doing cardio, and eating low calorie, no carb diets to get lean, and show ready.
  • If you KNOW you need accountability, motivation and support to get on track with your goals, and bringing your BEST to the stage….
  • Then you owe it to yourself to see exactly how my healthy contest prep program is the perfect solution for YOUR competition goals.


I Have a BETTER SOLUTION to Get You to Your Stage Goals.

And Get You There Looking and FEELING Better than Ever


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Contest prep CAN be a rewarding experience, and allow you to push your body to new levels. It doesn’t have to be an unhealthy journey, or one that puts your health in jeopardy. Instead, with us, it can be a rewarding, challenging, fun, and healthy experience that you’ll be thankful you’ve made the switch to.


Over the years, I’ve been able to develop a winning formula that can be tweaked and customized to fit the needs of each of our individual athletes. My approach relies on the latest information and science in regards to program design, nutrition, and gives you the mental support you need to successfully get to the stage your absolute best.


I stand by the following motto when it comes to each of my competitor clients:



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A Message From IFBB Pro Roxie Beckles

From The Office Of Roxie Beckles, Owner of RoxStar Fitness, LLC.

Los Angeles, California

Dear Future Team RoxStar Athlete,

I want to make a quick introduction to you GGS1about who I am, and what inspired me to decide that positively changing the
lives of others is my calling.  

My name is Roxie Beckles, and although I am currently an IFBB Professional Competitor, I have to admit it took time, patience, and work to get to where I am today.  

In looking at me, many would say that the body I have is due to genetics, or that I have some special “thing” that allows me to be in awesome shape, and that for most it’s impossible to attain.  

To be honest, I always kind of scoff at statements like that, because just like you, it takes work for me to get to where I am.  It takes time in the gym, it takes eating well and eating right, and more importantly it takes the DECISION TO HAVE THE WILL TO WANT TO MAKE MY HEALTH AND FITNESS MY LIFESTYLE.  These are the things that I instill in my clients, and it is through this mindset that they have seen amazing results of their own



I’ve spent a lot of my early contest career coaching myself, using the knowledge I acquired from over 18 years in the industry, years of study and advanced certifications.



I used the most advanced knowledge and information I could in regards to diet and training that would allow me to take a more “non-traditional approach” to contest prep – YET STILL ACHIEVE SUPERIOR RESULTS when it came to how ready I was for the stage.



I have been able to not only look my best, but stand on stage against other competitors in tough shows, and…  

STILL place within the top 5, STILL win my class, STILL win overall titles!



Once I began to see how well this formula I created worked, I started to apply these same things to my clients and their contest prep, and watched them soar on stages across all categories.


The best part is that my clients are ALWAYS READY WEEKS BEFORE THE SHOW!



Many often look show ready by 2 weeks out, and by peak week, we only make minor adjustments to bring the final look together.


Team RoxStar Client - 2 Weeks Out vs. Starting Photos

Team RoxStar Client – 2 Weeks Out vs. Starting Photos

Team RoxStar Client 24 Hours Before Stage Time.

Team RoxStar Client 24 Hours Before Stage Time.


Connie 2 Weeks Out - IFBB Legends

Team RoxStar Bikini Competitor 2 Weeks Out From Her Show.


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100% Natural Pro Ben Haag at 4 Days Out



So what makes the Team RoxStar approach to contest prep so different, you might ask?



Our approach is based on what I call our All Science, No BS approach to program design. I’ve developed a training system within my online fitness and nutrition coaching practice which I call my P.E.A.T System.

PEAT System Diagram 2

This approach to training provides you with the best challenge we can give you in the gym, all while keeping cardio to a minimum (even our clients with slower metabolisms hardly ever do any more than 50-60 minutes THE MOST on any given day).



My P.E.A.T System combines the best of functional training, strength training, athletic training, minimal cardio and flexibility training to bring your body to its leanest, all while maintaining your long-term health.




Whether You’re A Local Competitor or an Online Contest Prep Client, I Can STILL Successfully Get You to Your Goal!



Many of my top competitors work REMOTELY with us, they hire me as their ONLY online contest prep coach. In fact, even competitors who are local work with me remotely. However, this does NOT take away from our very hands on approach. 


This client lives in Colorado:

Monica Carson - 10 Week Prep - 2 Weeks Out

10 Week Competition Prep Client who works online (remotely) with us. She is based in Colorado, while Team RoxStar/RoxStar Fitness is based out of California. We provided training/nutrition plan creation, as well as posing and presentation coaching.


This client lives in Slovenia:

Competition Prep Client located in Slovenia. We prepped her entire program and provided posing/presentation posing as well.

Competition Prep Client located in Slovenia. We prepped her entire program and provided posing/presentation posing as well.



Having our bi-weekly to weekly follow-ups over the phone, allowing you to email myself and our staff 24 hours a day with questions, having an online Facebook Group with all of our competitors and clients ready for you to build your community, and optional Skype posing sessions, all give YOU the power to have your own personal network of support.



Having a local trainer for contest prep is NOT necessary, particularly if it’s at the expense of using someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, or experimenting on you as a first time competition client of theirs.



My clients often remark that they get more interaction from Team RoxStar and our staff than they had with their in person coaches and trainers – and we bring to the table a superior level of expertise.




If you’ve been spending time spinning your wheels trying to make things happen on your own, or have tried and failed again and again with traditional contest prep methods that just don’t work for you, contact me today.





There’s no time like the present to make the investment in a healthy contest prep, and put your best foot forward on stage. Your leaner, stronger, and perfectly sculpted body awaits…All you have to do to take the first step in making that goal a reality.




Click the button for more information regarding my current packages and rates, and how you can get started w/ me – and your BEST contest season to date.

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