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Before you continue, I want to just share a few words with you to kind of explain my services and all that I have to offer you through my online coaching programs. You do NOT have to be a competitor to work with me! If you are someone looking to impact your life in a huge way through health and fitness, and finally reach your body transformation goals, then I have the perfect program for you… Read on.


A Message From IFBB Pro Roxie Beckles

From The Office Of Roxie Beckles, Owner of RoxStar Fitness, LLC.  photo site

Los Angeles, California

Dear Future RoxStar,

I want to make a quick introduction to you about who I am, and what inspired me to decide that positively changing the lives of others is my calling.  My name is Roxie Beckles, and although I am currently an IFBB Professional Competitor, I have to admit it took time, patience, and work to get to where I am today.  In looking at me, many would say that the body I have is due to genetics, or that I have some special “thing” that allows me to be in awesome shape, and that for most it’s impossible to attain.  To be honest, I always kind of scoff at statements like that, because just like you, it takes work for me to get to where I am.  It takes time in the gym, it takes eating well and eating right, and more importantly it takes the DECISION TO HAVE THE WILL TO WANT TO MAKE MY HEALTH AND FITNESS MY LIFESTYLE.  These are the things that I instill in my clients, and it is through this mindset that they have seen amazing results of their own


I’ve spent years in the trenches, working in some of the industry’s top gyms and fitness facilities, working with people of all walks of life.  I’ve been able to perfect my approach on a multitude of people from the stay at home mom, to working professional, to weekend athletic warrior, and even to the top athletes across many sports.

The one thing that held constant to every single client of mine, regardless to their background, was that proper nutrition and training are the KEY to the overall success of their plans.


A properly designed diet and training program working hand in hand were the direct passport to their goals.  Many had spent years working with other trainers or coaches in search of the solution to being able to perform strong both in and out of the gym, and see incredible results when it comes to fat loss, muscle gain, and improvement of strength – and not only to attain those things, but to attain them over the long-term.  Unfortunately their search had fallen short on many levels – until they started working with me.

What I have been able to develop in this time I’ve have coined my P.E.A.T. System of Training.  P.E.A.T. stands for Physique Enhancing Athletic Training, and it bridges the world of functional training, strength and conditioning, athletic training, cardio, and flexibility into a training system that has been producing incredible results.

PEAT System Diagram 2

My clients started to not only see their strength and performance in the gym become naturally enhanced, but they were able to perform everyday tasks with greater ease, and saw less aches and pains that had become an everyday annoyance which soon started to fade away.

But the best part was the amazing fat loss and body transformation that occurred across the board for almost ALL of them.  Their clothes were getting bigger, their measurements smaller, the weight was coming off, muscles they’ve never seen before started to show through.  Most of all, the training inspired them to step out of their comfort zone and reach limits they never even thought possible.

What I’ve quickly learned is that there is a major benefit for results based and scientifically driven online coaching that can bring my expertise to the hands of any client willing to receive it, regardless of location.


My program has proven effective for ALL FITNESS LEVELS AND ALL GOALS.

Check Out This One Year Before And After of a RoxStar Fitness Online Coaching Client – She Lost 30 Pounds That Year…

Rita, at the age of 53, came to me having not worked out in over a year, was a smoker, and not at all happy with what her body had become.  She was essentially tired of being “sick and tired”, not feeling confident and comfortable in her own skin, and simply not being an example of what a healthy lifestyle can be for her family and children.

Here is what she looked like when we started in December 2012:




We sat and took a very close look at what she was currently doing and how she was eating at the time.  We changed her diet completely around introducing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.  We gradually built her up to training 4-5 days a week, being sure to keep strength training as her main focus, and using cardio as a small tool in the toolbox.  After one full year of consistency, here’s what she was looking like – at the age of 54!

Mind you, I’ve never met Rita in person, aside from the many phone conversations and Skype follow up appointments online. These photos are from December 2013 after one full year of coaching, and a 30 POUND weight loss (see the email below).


ritaafter1yrrita email


And we’re not done yet…  This a TYPICAL result of most of my clientele.

We focus on lifestyle changes that not only are highly effective in the present moment, but ones that also lead the path towards SUCCESS AND MAINTENANCE IN THE LONG-TERM.


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