3 Steps to STOP the Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle This New Year


With the new year upon us, so many women are turning to promises of a healthier lifestyle in this coming year.

And I want to ask you a few very personal questions…

  • How many times have you promised this to yourself?
  • How many times have you said that you want to lose that last 10, 20 or more pounds?
  • How many times have you said that you are ready to change your diet?
  • How many times have you started stopped and restarted again after promising that this year would be different?

I’m going to let you know right now, that you are not alone.

But, if this year is going to be different, you MUST be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and BE different.

Shift Your Thinking Around Fitness

I want to encourage you to look at your health and fitness journey in a new way.

I want you to look at changing your diet and your training as NOT the 1st step to transformation!

Instead, I want you to look at how important it is for you to have a shift from deep within your core, your gut, your soul.

And realizing that a shift in your mindset is the biggest, and most important 1st step that you must take if reaching your New Year’s resolution by the end of the year is important to you.

So let me share with you a few tips for you to start to put into action right now.

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Darling… You Are WORTH It!

You must first remind yourself daily that YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Sometimes the stories that we tell ourselves are the biggest hindrance to progress. But starting now I want you to start believing that you deserve to win.

And to do everything in your power to get out of your own way, and make your own dreams your reality.

Do The Work… Spell Out WHY Your Goals Are Important.

Next I want you to write down your goals and really spell out exactly why they are important to you.

When you start getting to the heart of why you absolutely cannot fail this time, you get deeply connected to what it is that you wish to accomplish.

And when you do that, that stops you from quitting on yourself. Which is one of the number 1 reasons why many people don’t see their goals become their reality.

A Goal Without a Plan is a WISH…

I then finally I want you to devise a game plan.

This is where your diet and training comes in.

This is where getting accountability may also be a major thing for you. But without the 1st 2 steps, if you just focus on the diet and training first, you can guarantee that you will fail again.

Make your mindset the secret weapon to your success… And I promise you that you will be able to finally take control of your body, your health, and your life – forever.

Take Action… Here’s the Next Step to Help You Stop Yo Yo Dieting in the New Year

It’s easy to read words on a screen and make mental note to apply changes. But it’s a whole other beast to actually being taken step by step on what your next moves need to be to see the results you want.

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And I actually want to give you that opportunity for FREE.

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