My NEW Summer Slim Down Training Program – You Can Try it Too!

Ok, first off – take a moment to watch the video I posted above because hun-ty… Ya girl is getting this bawdty together for summer! LOL!

On a serious note, if you’re anything like me, you suddenly looked at the calendar, then saw it was June…

Saw it was like almost summer. Looked down at your stomach and was like – yo, you gone hafta get it together cause baby, I got a beach to hit up!

Maybe in a state of panic you decide to just go cold turkey clean, eat right, do the thang, right? And then only to find a few days later you’re eating butter popcorn and drinking red wine like your name is Olivia Pope.

I don’t know about YOU, but I really need two things to get my life – my fitness life.

A plan. And a goal!

So, me being the coach and trainer that I am, I can easily write one out.

And as I’m writing programs, I always think about my clients, and what THEY might need.

So I decided to create a plan to solve that all too common problem of the “OH SHIX, IT’S ALMOST SUMMER AND I AIN’T READ-TY!” last minute scramble to crash diet into your swimsuit thing we all do.

That’s how my Summer Slim Down 4 Week Training Program was born.

Now of course, you know ya girl HAS TO do it herself, and share it with the world to see! And that’s really because it simply keeps me accountable.

So I am documenting my entire process and workouts and stuff, mostly on my Instagram Story!

And at the end of each day compiling my training, including some words of wisdom into a video you can catch up with.

While, I’ve got you, here’s more info on the program as well…

Who Says It’s Too Late to Get In OMG Shape for Summer?! My Summer Slim Down 4 Week Training Program is HERE! Check This Out…

summer slim down

Are you ready to step up YOUR game for summer?!

Let me take out the guess work for you with this kick butt, fat blasting, calorie burning, strength building, and muscle toning workout!

  • A fully designed 6 day training program.
  • 6 days of cardio –  3 Heart pounding fat burning 30 minute steady state cardio sessions. 3 Fat incinerating 20 Mins of HIIT cardio sessions.
  • 5 days of weight training – 2 Leg training days to tone and shape the glutes and thighs, 2 specific workouts where abs and core are the main focus to tighten the abs, 2 total body strength training days to hit the every single muscle from head to toe giving you a well rounded strength program that will take your work in the gym to the next level.
  • DROP THE GUESSWORK! Everything is all spelled out for you. Every rep, every set, personal notes about how much weight you should lift for each set, tempo, and rest periods.
  • BONUS: Summer Slim Down Program Coaching Podcast – in this crucial downloadable audio file, I’m giving you some personal tips about what you need to focus on for the duration of the program. Helping to get you on track, and motivated to bring your best and get results.
  • BONUS: Exercise Exchange List – need to swap out an exercise for something else? Or want to add a little variety as you go along with the program? No problem! You’ll be able to easily do so with my exclusive Exercise Exchange List.

Look, for less than the cost of a training session, you can get this awesome FULL MONTH program, designed by me! 

And, you and I can work together towards our personal goals over the next 4 weeks.

As an added bonus, you’ll be able to touch base with me in our private Facebook Group and community forum should you have questions, or need any kind of support!

Look, this is getting long, and I don’t want to keep you any further.

But just think of this, in 4 weeks, by the time the end of the month rolls around, you can be in even BETTER shape than you are today.

Simply by changing up your training program, and adding a little more intensity to your mix.

And so anything I can do to help you out with that, is my complete pleasure and honor. That’s exactly what this program can do for you!

Ok! Click here to check it out!

And I so hope to see you get started on the right path to your summer goals as well.


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