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It’s my biggest passion to help women from around the globe to become empowered through taking control of their health, fitness, and mindset as they create the bodies of their dream.

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What is the RoxStar Fitness Fit Academy?

The RoxStar Fitness Fit Academy is my exclusive group of fans, followers, supporters, site members, and clients who value the content I have to offer and share when it comes to training, nutrition, and the science behind that stuff. I take a “No BS” and unfiltered approach with the main goal of getting information to you that is not only useful, but proven effective and results based.

Being a part of my exclusive email group is totally free! From time to time I’ll fill you in on offers I may be having for my one-on-one coaching service and my exclusive membership site where you can get great workouts, training schedules for any goal, and meal plans to use on your own – and on your terms.

If you’re looking to step your game up in the gym, then my Fit Academy email group is the perfect addendum to your information arsenal.

What kind of info will you send me?

When you sign up, you’ll be given the ability to filter exactly the kind of content you care most about. I write a ton of great information regarding fat loss, lean mass building, contest prep, motivational tips to keep your head in the game, nutrition protocols and tips for any goal, and so much more.

You’ll receive an email from me once you sign up directing you to tell me exactly what you wish to hear about, and I’ll be sure to deliver that content right to your inbox – eliminating the fluff.

Do I need to be a competitor to benefit?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Although I am an IFBB Pro, and I work with a ton of competitors, the information I have to share with you is for EVERYONE and ANYONE!

Whether your goal is fat loss or to build lean muscle, I can help to give you some great tips to see those goals become your reality. These tips can apply to anyone of any fitness level, gender, or personal goal.

How often will you email me?

Generally you can expect anywhere between 2-4 emails a week from me. I’ve been slowly moving away from Facebook as a means to communicate with my fan base. With the decreasing reach, it’s just not a viable option any longer. My team and I post a ton on our blog (almost daily), so we will send you a newsletter once a week to fill you in on all the new content then.

If I have any other direct topics of information I’d like to share with you (based on the preferences you’ve outlined as far as your interests), I’ll be sure to shoot them over to you directly!

And if I am hosting any special events, whether online or in person that I think you may want to hear about, I’ll be sure to share that with you as well.