You go to the gym RELIGIOUSLY. 

You know what you should be doing, and you've tried it all. But it's not clicking - and you know in your heart that the right program & dedicated coach is that thing that will get you "there".

Guess what - today's your LUCKY day, because I've got your solution!

Your Problem Isn't Dedication. It's Something More. And You're READY to FINALLY Take Control of Your Training & Nutrition and Change Your Body Forever...

Get REAL Results: Work closely with expert trainer IFBB Pro Roxie Beckles who will be YOUR coach, your guide, your motivator, and someone who will finally TEACH YOU exactly what it takes to help you to get REAL results - and transform your body for a lifetime. 

RoxStar Fitness Inner Circle VIP Coaching Program

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist, Expert Trainer, 2014 Women's Physique Olympia Competitor, 20 Years of REAL WORLD Industry Experience

Become My Next Success Story

Your Results are a Matter of Choice...

Do it differently. Do it BETTER. Do it RIGHT. Or...

Stay Exactly the Same as You are Today.

Isn't it time for you to feel like you're finally WINNING at this body transformation game?

Don't YOU deserve to be getting results from all your hard work in the gym - like everyone else (but you) seems to so easily have?

Ok ladies, I want to talk to you ONLY if you are...

  • An already consistent and dedicated gym goer
  • A chick who knows her way around the gym
  • Beast mode is the only way you operate
  • You already have a strong foundation w/ nutrition and need structure
  • NOT afraid of hard work
  • NOT afraid to lift heavy things - in fact... YOU LOVE IT
  • Understand this is not going to be a quick fix
  • Looking to reach your goals RIGHT NOW but you're ready for the long haul
  • Tired of the Cheap Charlie gimmicks, and you're ready to invest in YOU
  • An aspiring or current physique competitor (or you just want to look like one)
  • And you ABSOLUTELY & DESPERATELY NEED a complete road map to your goals - with everything spelled out - in a supportive and motivating online environment:

Ok so now, let me ask you this... If you can say yes to 9 out of 10 of these - then you are READY to Become a Roxstar...

You LOVE to Workout

My Inner Circle VIP Coaching Program is For Women Like YOU

You Are FULLY COMMITTED to Your Goals

You Are NOT a Quitter

You Understand This Will Take Time & Patience

You Are a Competitor 

(OR Just Want to Look Like One)

You Are Ready to OVERHAUL YOUR LIFESTYLE to Reach Your Goals

Finally! You can have a smart, knowledgeable, NO BS yet supportive REAL coach that is dedicated to you and your long-term success.

Why are you sitting around, suffering? Frustrated? 

Aren't you TIRED of feeling like you're running around in circles, doing everything under the sun - but STILL stuck at the same number on the scale, the same look in the mirror, and no closer to your goals than you were last week, last month, or last year?

Hey look, I've been where you are! 

The problem is never getting to the gym - that's the easy part. We don't need people to tell us to eat healthier - we got that!

The problem is that there is NO structure. There is NO accountability. If you slip up - oh well, "I don't have to answer to anyone." Ever think that? I have!

You get to the gym, yeah you train... 

But you know you're not training nearly as hard enough - or maybe just not smart enough to OUTSMART YOUR BODY. It's used to the same ole same ole, and you NEED a new way of working. To shock it. To get it to move.

And you know that my approach is that thing that's going to finally do it for you. You're ready!

Coaching - Mentorship - Education

What Makes My Coaching Program So Different - and BETTER?

Your Health and Your Body is the GREATEST Most Precious Gift on this Planet...

Are you willing to give the responsibility of your GREATEST gift on Earth to:

  • A coach who doesn't consider keeping your metabolism strong and healthy
  • A coach who doesn't realize how that super low calorie diet and hours of cardio are f-cking up your hormones
  • A coach with a "whatever it takes" mindset who refuses to design a SANE program that will NOT ruin your metabolism
  • A coach who doesn't give a damn about your life or your sanity
  • Are you so willing to put your most precious gift of your sense of self-worth into the hands of a "coach" who doesn't care?
  • A so-called "coach" who lacks experience? 
  • And sees you as another number on their roster?



  • Every client that comes to me has a name and a face. 
  • You know me, and I know you.
  • I care about YOU, and I take getting to your goal my PERSONAL mission.

I prefer to call myself an online coach, fitness mentor, and fitness educator.

  • What that means is that I put in way more time, energy, and resources into the plans I create. 
  • It means that I am fully invested in seeing my clients truly LEARN what the science behind training and nutrition is all about.

Even further, it means that I am committed to giving my clients ALL of the tools they need to not only be successful at their achieving their goals... But to be able to KEEP THOSE CHANGES in the long-term.

You CANNOT Afford to Waste Your Time or Your Money on Inferior Coaching Programs w/ "Insta" Coaches Who Lack Experience!

REAL Client Email

To HELL With These 

Instagram Chicks and InstaCoaches! 

Aren't YOU Tired of Them? I'M Tired of Them!

That's NOT the Kind of "Coach" YOU Want...

"Thank you so much Roxie! I’m not used to a coach spending this much thought on me!!! Looking forward to the process and progress!!"

~ Delora B. RoxStar Fitness Client

  • You want to have a REAL coach and fitness professional who has been doing this not only successfully for themselves, but for others for several years.
  • Experience means something to you.
  • Experience is what earns your trust.
  • You want to work with someone who you can take seriously. 

And you know that that what I have to offer fits that bill for you - absolutely spot on.

The truth is, with the explosion of social media...

Anyone can call themselves a coach!

And this has never sit well with me - especially nowadays.

Here's the truth, a lot of these coaches have not paid their dues! They think that just because they did one competition or they lost a bunch of weight, that they can now teach everyone else how to do it too. 

And that's just not how it works! 

You know this - and you can see right through this too

So... You are willing to invest in someone who knows what they're doing.

I've spent well over 20 years of my life working hard to transform the bodies and lives of my clients, and most importantly, HANDS ON as a REAL fitness professional.

With a CLEAR Road Map to Your Goals, The Power to Transform Your Body is in YOUR Hands

So if you know the answer to these questions, my question to you is, what are you waiting for?

We need to get you started right now! 

  • Yes, workouts are easy to find - but are they designed in a way to really get results? 
  • Are they put together in an ALL READY DONE FOR YOU training program by a REAL coach and trainer with 20 years of REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE? 
  • Are you willing to spend HOURS trying to figure this stuff out on your own - and fail again because quite frankly - you don't know what you're doing. 
  • Are you tired of not seeing changes, despite the fact that you ARE working your butt off, and should be MUCH further along
  • What if you COULD just get everything you need to succeed, see fat loss, change your body, and establish a lifestyle that means something to you? That's invaluable to you. 
  • If you can have that dream body you've always wanted - what does that mean? 
  • If getting on a real program that gets you in shape enough to step on a competition stage - the HEALTHY WAY... What does THAT mean? 

How much closer to your goals can you get after a month - two months - three months - a year...

Look, what I have to offer in my Inner Circle Coaching Program isn't stuff you can just find for free online.


My Clients Have Something They Want to Say to You...

Let me guide you - every step of the way - to a more fit, muscular, leaner, chiseled, and athletic body. I'll do all the work for you - so you can go on autopilot and confidently know that your program is taking you one step closer to that body you can see so CLEARLY every single time you close your eyes.

Now It's YOUR Turn! Let's Be a TEAM In Getting You to Your Goals!

  • My Inner Circle VIP Coaching Program offers you a way to work with me, closely under my guidance and keen eye.
  • I'll pick out the perfect program for you to follow in the gym from the hundreds of pre-designed workouts I've created specifically for this program.
  • I'm bringing to YOUR fingertips my exclusive P.E.A.T. Method Training System to your program design for both training and nutrition.
  • P.E.A.T stands for Physique Enhancing Athletic Training.
  • And it is the CORNERSTONE to the amazing results you have seen from each of my clients and their transformation photos.
  • I teach you how to EAT TO BE LEAN, and spend LESS time in the gym - all while getting amazing results.
  • Train like an athlete, look like an athlete. Look like an athlete - and be proud to be a RoxStar!

Here's what you get once you sign up...

Take COMPLETE Control of Your Program - and Your Results.

Transform Your Body With:

Stay Motivated & Inspired Working Alongside Others Just Like You!

Many programs similar to this one are not as detailed, or they are based on passing fads.

Or they might be put in place to sell you products like shakes and supplements, they are geared towards those who are more about "toning" (like WTF is toning, right?!) and not truly TRAINING or LIFTING, or they just don't deliver the type of content you expect and so instead of wasting time, you choose to continue on your own.

Well guess what, my Inner Circle VIP Coaching Program is the complete OPPOSITE of all of that fluff. 

Let me show you exactly HOW I can lead you directly to your goals with accountability, support, motivation, and more!

When I launched the RoxStar Fitness Inner Circle back in December 2014, it was my intention to  create a signature coaching program that would become THE HUB of everything  you need to know when it comes to getting a clear road map to your goals.

  • The RoxStar Fitness Inner Circle is a COACHING PROGRAM that takes all of my knowledge, and everything I can share with my "All Science/NO BS", results driven, evidence based approach which was already impacting the lives of my clients from around the globe DRAMATICALLY, and make it available for you!
  • You have the ability to tap directly into the power of working with me personally as well as in a group and supportive community setting.
  • You can get a custom designed macros and calories set up, as well as a meal plan tailored for you with YOUR needs in mind.
  • You can work in a way that allows you to go at your own pace, and have a little more independence.
  • Feel confident that every workout, every meal plan, every gem of advice you follow is not only backed by scientific study, but real world application on real people who are seeing their lives and their bodies change and transform before their eyes.

So, I Know Your Next Question...

You and I both know that there is SO MUCH information out there when it comes to training and nutrition, and it can be confusing as to what to believe.

How Exactly Does the Program Work?

And How Will It Help You to Reach Your Goals?

Step 1: Determine Your Coaching Track & Setup Your Complimentary Call

There are TWO tracks in my Inner Circle Coaching Program

  • Level 1: Non-Competitor or Aspiring Competitor and Off-Season Competitor Track
  • Level 2: Inner Circle Coaching Contest Prep Competitor Track

Level 1: The non-competitor/aspiring/off-season track is perfect for you if you don't compete (but love that athletic look) or if you are an aspiring OR off-season competitor. This coaching track allows us to craft the perfect plan for your goals - whether that's fat loss or lean building. And to get you on board to the most reliable path to your goals without the constraints of a specific timeline.

This program has a focus of setting goals at 12 weeks at a time, and then re-evaluating our goals every 12 weeks to keep you on track. You can decide whether to continue or not after each 12 week period.

Level 2: The contest prep competitor track is specially crafted for competitors who are about 16 weeks out from their show. You will be personally assigned the best workout for your goal of getting on stage your absolute best. You'll get bi-weekly to weekly updates (the closer we get to your show), and all the tools you need to come in lean, full, dry, and on point. We'll work closely to make sure the look you present is a winning package - and your best yet to date. This package also includes group posing sessions, and personal assistance throughout your prep.

This program requires a 16 week commitment.

During our 30 minute complimentary call:

  • You and I will determine what your initial goals are
  • Discuss your current diet and training program, and identify what's holding you back
  • Discuss common pitfalls you're hitting, and the habits that are your biggest obstacles between success and failure in reaching your goals
  • We'll determine the best course of action for you - and which program is perfect for your needs and goals

It's Not About Getting There...

It's About STAYING There!

My Inner Circle Coaching Program is About EMBODYING the Lifestyle That Not Only Gets Results - But KEEPS YOU in the Best Shape of Your Life... LONG TERM.

Whether you are a competitor or not, my MAIN focus for you is to transform you body - and your life in an amazingly positive way.

The following steps are applied to ALL clients, regardless of your goals. We'll work closely to make sure you are 100% equipped with everything you need to have a successful transition into the type of lifestyle that leads to lasting changes... 

Physically, mentally, and more.

Step 2: Getting Started on Your New Journey - Schedule Your Strategy Call

I want to touch base with, and PERSONALLY talk to every client that 

comes through my virtual doors.

Getting to know you, and exactly what you need, want, and expect from my program is important to me.

During our 45-60 minute strategy call, we will discuss:

  • Identifying CLEAR AND CONCISE goals we wish to accomplish over a 12 Week Period
  • Delve deeper into your nutrition programming, and determine what kind of meal planning setup will work best for you and your goals
  • Determine the best training program set up including the days a week you'll hit the gym, how much cardio we'll start off with, and the best course of action to get FASTER AND SUSTAINABLE results.
  • Your health history, and other concerns such as injuries we need to consider and more
  • Craft the perfect game plan to get you up and started on your personal journey to success

Following our call, I'll send you the necessary forms to fill out, so that I may get started with your plan, using my expertise to put you on the BEST PATHWAY to your ultimate goal.

Step 3: Month 1 

Massive Action/Maximal Results 

4 Week Goal Setting Intensive

Massive Action/Maximal Results 4 Week Goal Setting Intensive

One of the things I noticed with a lot of my clients is that they come on board with all the best intentions in the world to change their physique, and to make the improvement that will truly improve their lives in more ways than one.

But even they fall victim to bad habits, negative self talk, and the pitfalls that have held them back from reaching their goals up to this point.

Look, this journey is NOT just about getting a diet and training program, and expecting everything to magically fall into place... We will have to work to establish new habits, build a SOLID foundation that your program and results will rely on, and set you up for a SUCCESSFUL transition to this new way of life.

And because of that, I created a special on boarding intensive for all new clients...

Over our initial 4 weeks, we will work CLOSELY together to help you to get on track with your goals, give you MASSIVE accountablity, and create MASSIVE action towards your progress and change.

  • First, we are going to set 3 realistic goals that we wish to accomplish in our first month. A training goal, a nutrition goal, and a personal goal that has to do with improving your everyday life - outside of the gym.
  • We will identify and clearly point out your 3 major pitfalls that have been holding you back, and formulate a game plan to find ways to get over them, and conquer them so you can proceed with a clear head when faced with them again.
  • We will identify and address any negative self talk and what I call "mind taffy", and see if we can discover ways for you to shut them down and walk in the amazing skin you're in RIGHT NOW.
  • We will build your goal setting and focus strategy on my exclusive "Big 3 Massive Action Formula".
  • We will keep you SUPER accountable with a weekly check-in for the first month.
  • You'll speak with me 1-on-1 over the phone at the 2 week mark to follow up personally with how things are progressing for you.
  • We'll continue to work on giving you the tools to continue this foundation on your own throughout our time together. Helping you to create MASSIVE ACTION towards your overall fitness success, and body transformation goals.

My MAIN focus as your coach is to equip you with the tools for true success...

And to see you reach your goals - and transform your life!

Step 4: Get Your Plan - Get to Work!

Specially Assigned Training + Fully Customized Diet and Cardio Programming Focused on YOUR Goals

Your Done-for-You Plan will be sent DIRECTLY via email.

Once, I've had a chance to go over all of your information, and comb through the details, I will personally hand-deliver your plan to your inbox.

  • This is where you get to simply rest assured that you are now able to go completely on autopilot. 
  • You get to feel confident that you now have a true road map to your success in your hands.
  • You get to kick it up several notches in the gym with a fully designed program made to kick azz and take NO prisoners. One focused on ONE thing - results.

In addition to your training program, you'll get your macros and calories ALL SPELLED OUT! 

No guesswork, no frustration. 

I'll even create a CUSTOM meal plan to follow which includes a plan and your macros/calories. This way you have the complete choice to either have more freeform OR a more structured approach to your nutrition.

Once you have your program in your hands, it's your turn to take the reins and sit in the driver's seat while we embark on your new path to transformation and success - with me right there by your side.

Step 5: Getting Support & Following Up

Personal Updates for Accountability and Deeper Goal Setting

You're NOT Alone in this Process...

One of the things that you'll really love about my Inner Circle Program is the fact that you have my full support every step of the way.

  • For Non-Competitor, Off-Season, or Aspiring Competitors After the first month - once a month you are REQUIRED to submit an update to me via our client reporting system. This is a PRIVATE UPDATE between you and I submitted through our client system - NOT an open group update. 
  • 16 Week Contest Prep Clients are required to send WEEKLY Updates
  • I will evaluate your pics and feedback, and tell you exactly what your next steps need to be to continue to be successful on our path to your goals.
  • You'll get personal email feedback, and support anytime you need it.
  • If you have questions, you can come to our member forum AT ANY TIME to post whatever concerns you may have, and either myself or one of my success coaches will directly assist you.
  • Our private client only Facebook Group is where you can post up your pics to celebrate triumphs in the gym, flex selfies, videos of you tearing up the weight room, and more.
  • Twice a month you can join in on our BI-WEEKLY Group Coaching Follow-Up Call and get all the assistance you need to move forward successfully towards your goals.
  • During our bi-weekly group call, you will be able to talk to me DIRECTLY, and get all the support and guidance you need to continue to move steadily along.

Every single Inner Circle client works with me directly! I also have extra hands on deck to help make our program even more transformational and successful...

Take an Exclusive Tour of My 

Inner Circle VIP Coaching Program

Your Client Dashboard - The HUB of Your Program

Watch Time: 3m 45s

As a Inner Circle Coaching Client You Get A CUSTOMIZED AND 100% PERSONALIZED Meal Plan Designed by Me For YOU!

Get Your Diet RIGHT & Aligned With Your Goals

If you're unsure how to structure you meals in a way that's both healthy and effective, let me do all the work for you and CREATE A CUSTOM MEAL PLAN - SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR NEEDS.

Each plan contains a two day set up (one for training days and one for off days), post workout nutrition guidelines including post workout carbs amounts, and instructions on how to add variety and flexibility to your plan.

All of my plans give you freedom to ENJOY your meals, while still reaching  your goals.

Vegetarian and vegan clients are welcome as well.

Watch Time: 2m 35s

Never again will you have to worry about what to when you get to the gym, or how to best set up your training split schedule in a way to not only see your body improve, but to see you get stronger, look better, feel better, and become more confident.

I will send you training programs that will focus on everything from lean building, increasing strength, fat loss, and performance enhancement.

Each of our fully designed training programs are flexible and fit in with YOUR availability (we set it up so you have the freedom to choose what days you wish to train). 

Cardio is completely spelled out for you so you can be sure to get your best bang for your buck and smartest approach. 

No more guessing at what you should be training or focusing on in the weight room each day.

This is How Your Training Program is Delivered DIRECTLY to You...

Want to Mix Up Your Training at Will?

You've Got It! This is How...

Watch Time: 1m 59s

Watch Time: 2m 30s

The beautiful thing about my Inner Circle is that  you are NOT alone. I am accessible for every single client daily! 

If you have questions about what you're doing, and you want to turn to a true and knowledgeable professional for some help, I'm there for you!

If you need tips on how to best proceed after hitting a plateau, or you think you need some tweaks yet you're a little stumped on what you need to do next to see results, you can share your pics in our exclusive private group, along with any questions directly to me and I'll connect with you...

Giving you the answers you need to keep the ball rolling towards your ultimate goals - and encouraging you to keep your focus no matter what!

Get Feedback From Me Directly, Reach Out, Ask Questions,

Connect With Me Through Our Monthly Group Strategy Call

Need Accountability and Support?

Get That and MORE in Our Private Facebook Group and on Our Community Coaching Forum

Psst... Competitors, This Section is Specifically for You...

Fully designed 16 week contest prep programs, peak week training done for you, reverse dieting and deloading programs at your fingertips. And off season training programs to help you build a better physique for your next contest prep season.

Watch Time: 0m 54s

Looking to Do Your Contest Prep the SMART Way?

Want to Put on Some SERIOUS Muscle Off-Season?

My Inner Circle Contest Prep Coaching Program Can Get You YOUR Winning Look - All Science/NO BS!

Your contest prep with my Inner Circle equips you with everything you need to have a successful, inspiring, and empowering prep. All while you get to go on autopilot, and confidently know you're doing everything the right way...

  • Drop the guesswork by having a completely spelled out program sent to you directly via email.
  • Train hard and heavy in the gym to keep muscle on, and reducing fat from week to week.
  • Stop doing hours upon hours of cardio! My prep programs are geared to work within my "Transformation Trifecta". Ensuring that your cardio, diet, and weight training work in complete sync for the absolute best results.
  • Stay accountable and get feedback. For the first half of your prep, we'll stay in touch and closely watch your progress with bi-weekly feedback. As we approach 8 weeks out, your feedback becomes weekly. You'll be able to submit your photos and questions privately, and directly to me for a full evaluation.
  • Your program changes as your body changes! You won't be doing the SAME program for the entirety of your prep. Every 4 weeks, you'll get a brand new, results focus, evidence driven, prep focused workout.
  • Swap out workout programs at will. Sometimes you want to add a little variety within that 4 weeks on a program. I make it easy for you to do so by allowing you to grab one of the amazing "workouts by body part" within our site.
  • Get posing and presentation instruction to present YOUR best. I hold regularly scheduled group posing sessions where you can hop online, and work within a small group (up to 9 competitors at a time) to get feedback on your posing, tweak it to perfection, and present your best possible look. 
  • Get Your Nutrition - Done for You and FULLY Spelled Out. Diet is the MAIN driving factor for change, and we'll leave no stone unturned in getting you there through SMARTER NUTRITION. You'll get a 100% customized meal plan, plus the ability to swap foods out at will - including cheat meals as we feel appropriate on your plan, while still getting results.

My Inner Circle Team RoxStar Contest Prep Coaching Program allows you to get the best ACTUAL HANDS ON COACHING you can invest in. And allows you to work with a true expert coach and REAL WORLD experienced, OLYMPIA level professional competitor right by your side.

You can't get that kind of support from just your regular run of the mill coach! And you deserve to work with the best.

Whether You Are Off-Season, Starting Your Prep, or Looking to Get Into The Game as a Newbie Competitor - You CAN Successfully Work With Me In Developing Your BEST Physique in My Inner Circle Program

Here's what some of my REAL

Inner Circle Clients have to say...

I am a vegetarian and needed a good base diet, as well as figuring out what I needed daily to reach my goals. Not only did she help me with all of that, she is always available with answers to my questions.*

Julie Goad

RSF Inner Circle Client

I've always been pretty intrinsically motivated when I set my mind to something, but I wanted to be taken seriously as a new bodybuilder.

Just because I don't look the part now, doesn't mean I am not putting in the work

The ladies I've met in the RoxStar Fitness Inner Circle are friendly and inclusive, unlike some of the local competitors I've met since deciding to take this journey. I appreciate the sharing of knowledge and willingness to help, as well as having a place to chat with like minded individuals.*

Erica S.

RSF Inner Circle Client

I remember talking to Roxie the start of my week 1 into committing to my new journey to weight loss, and I said to her how everything was going well that week. But, it was only 7 days in and so I wasn't getting myself too excited. She responded saying that I have to be proud of that 7 days, because 7 turns into 14 which turns into 28 etc.

I am happy to say today is day 42!! I am at the start of week 6 and super excited that I have been able to keep at it this long.*

Felicia A.

RSF Inner Circle Client

Everything is going great. Training is going well. I am loving the workouts. Right now I am using the Blazing Guns: Bicep and Triceps Blast. Been using it for several weeks. I love it, I swear my arms are growing. It's hard to get muscle on these long ole limbs.

I am loving the variety of the workouts that you share. I have also done a few of the back workouts. Nutrition is back on track.

Thank you for your knowledge and expertise.*

Candace S.

RSF Inner Circle Client

Hey Roxie!! Just wanted to send you a quick message I'm down 4 pounds since last week when we talked! Woot woot!! I'm excited to jump into the Inner Circle tonight to find a workout plan. Thanks for you help gal!*

Ashley E.

RSF Inner Circle Client

Loving the 16 weeks Roxie workout I feel stronger and I like that. It is a challenge and I like new routines like the deadlift hack machine, 180 twist, etc. - there were many more.

I am learning more with Roxie in this short amount of time than I have over the years with so many other trainers (not putting them down). But I know a Master of workouts now....*

Angela K.

RSF Inner Circle Member

As a child I was teased about my body and felt great shame. Then one day I found the person, Roxie Beckles of RoxStar Fitness, who could help me shape and mold it. This is my art and I love watching it evolve. #nomoreshame #myart*

Jessica T.,

RSF Inner Circle Member and One-on-One Coaching Client

The site is wonderful and the emails are also. You guys are faithful to help each of your members be successful.

Thank you for everything.*

Sonya M.

RSF Inner Circle Client

Roxie, all I can say is bravo girl! And that I absolutely love you. 

I've been a member now for 7 months, and the changes I've seen in my body, and in my confidence, has been nothing short of incredible. And I owe it all to you girl.

The monthly training program has helped me SO much. And I must say I look forward to every single email I get from you.

I'm not done with my transformation yet, and I still have a ways to go. But I need to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for this site, this program, and the wonderful RoxStars in our Facebook Group.*

Annette F.

RSF Inner Circle Client


Let's Get You Up and Started!

Choose Which Level is BEST For You:

Now That You're Ready to Become a RoxStar...

There are TWO Ways to Get Started.

Level 1: Inner Circle Non-Contest Prep, Off Season Experienced Competitor, or  Aspiring Newbie Competitor Client

  • Choose this level if you are further away from your goal of stepping on stage, a new competitor without a show date chosen, or you are off-season as a competitor.
  • You are looking to improve your shape under the guidance of a coach.
  • Choose this level also if you are a NON-COMPETITOR, but you like to train and look like an athlete, you know your way around the gym, and you want a game plan AND COACHING to get you to the next level.
  • You want to have full support and closely work with me as your coach.
  • You are ready to FULLY COMMIT to MANDATORY MONTHLY updates.
  • You are ready to FULLY COMMIT TO LIFESTYLE CHANGES and a long term strategy.
  • You're further away from your goal, and just want some programming to help get you to the next level in a sane way.
  • You are an advanced trainee with more than 2 years of training under your belt.
  • You DO NOT need your hand held, and will be accountable in this program.
  • You want to be able to go on autopilot with your programming, and would love to have workouts/meal planning assistance available and sent to you by me as often as your body dictates it.
  • You are SUPER SERIOUS about getting to your goal, and you're ready to put in the work to get there 100%!

What to Expect With Level 1:

  • PERSONALLY Work w/ Roxie as Your Coach. You'll be working directly with me to help you to stay on track, stay accountable and on the path to your goals.
  • CUSTOMIZED MEAL PLAN + MACROS/CALORIES – DONE FOR YOU! Drop ALL of the guesswork, and do exactly what it is that your body needs to get to your goals. You'll not only have a clear roadmap when it comes to nutrition, but you'll also have the ability to swap foods out and add cheat meals for a flexible approach to dieting.
  • EXCLUSIVE AND MANDATORY INTENSIVE FOR ALL NEW CLIENTS: Massive Action/Maximal Results Goal Setting and Foundation Building Workshop. All new RoxStars work closely with me in a 4 week 1-on-1 intensive to establish new habits, build a solid base to start you on the RIGHT path to your goals, and create massive accountability to ensure your success in the program. This includes weekly check-ins and 2 phone follow ups.
  • Individual and personal feedback via email – ONCE A MONTH. You send your pics, measurements and feedback, and I will give you advice via email as to what you need to do to change up your program, suggest workouts in our system, and how to change up your cardio.
  • Monthly Training Schedule + Workouts Sent to You (FULL ACCESS ANYTIME to the monthly programs in case you’ve missed a month and need to go back at your own pace). I will consider your goals and your current stats, and assign the appropriate workout for you. This will adjust as you reach goal milestones and enhance your goals.
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Phone Follow Up Calls – so you’ll have access to me for questions directly, motivation, support, and accountability through our bi-weekly VIP Clients ONLY conference call.
  • Additional Workout Programs you can swap things out to add variety to your plan - but still stay on track with the goals we have in mind.
  • Inner Circle Contest Prep Dashboard w/ articles, videos, podcasts, and more. All designed to help you focus on the best advice to get ready for your season. 
  • Pre-Designed Meal Plans that you can use as your base plan for your diet.
  • Monthly Q and A Live Chat w/ Roxie and/or Our RoxStar Fitness Coaches 
  • Coaching Session of the Month Podcasts
  • Members Only Articles Sent Weekly
  • New Individual Workouts added Monthly to Our Database
  • Individual Workouts Sent to You in our “Try This” series to keep variety in your program.
  • Access to our Facebook Group and Member Forum for motivation and support.



Ok so here's how things work...

  • I do NOT accept every person who wants to work with me. 
  • Request a FREE discovery call so we can discuss your goals, and determine if the program will be right for you. This call will be about 30-45 mins of your time.
  • Once your application is accepted, we will go onto the next phase which is your New Client Plan Your Destiny Strategy Call.
  • During this call, I will find out more about you and your goals, and we will draft a COMPLETE starting game plan with a 12-16 week time frame in mind.
  • After the call, we will get you started. All monthly payments come out on the 1st or 15th of each month, depending on the date closest to when you sign up.

National level competitors looking to turn pro, pro level competitors of any federation, & SERIOUS competitors (even newbies) wanting to do an EVEN more HANDS ON 100% customized contest prep program are strongly advised to consider my 

Platinum Level 16 Week Contest Prep Program.

Level 2: TEAM ROXSTAR VIP Contest Prep Coaching Client

  • Choose this level if you are looking to work with me for contest prep in a more affordable coaching option that still offers high level assistance.
  • You are about 16 weeks out from your show.
  • You will be required to check-in weekly for with me through your show.
  • You will get a 100% fully customized MEAL PLAN AND CARDIO PROGRAM
  • You will get a fully designed pre-designed strength training workout program to follow.
  • You can go completely on autopilot and let me do all the work and worrying for you! No guesswork! Train hard, stay focused, work with me right by your side, and watch as your body comes in at its best ever.
  • Once a month complimentary group posing sessions to learn how to own the stage and present your best.

What's the difference between my Inner Circle Contest Prep vs. My Platinum Level Contest Prep? Click here so I can explain.

What to Expect w/ Level 2:

Be Equipped With These Incredible Extras & Everything You Need to be SUCCESSFUL at Your Next Show

  • PERSONALLY WORK WITH ME AS YOUR COACH. You'll be working directly with me to help you to stay on track, stay accountable and on the path to your goals.
  • CUSTOMIZED MEAL PLAN + MACROS/CALORIES – DONE FOR YOU! Drop ALL of the guesswork, and do exactly what it is that your body needs to get to your goals. You'll not only have a clear roadmap when it comes to nutrition, but you'll also have the ability to swap foods out and add cheat meals for a flexible approach to dieting.
  • Individual and personal feedback via email – ONCE A WEEK. You send your pics, measurements and feedback, and I will give you advice via email as to what you need to do to change up your program, suggest workouts in our system, and how to change up your cardio as you swing into your prep.
  • Contest Prep Training Schedule + Workouts Sent to You (FULL ACCESS ANYTIME to your assigned program). I will consider your show date, overall prep goals and your current stats, and assign the appropriate workout for you. This will adjust as need to keep your body moving along. You'll also get a 100% customized cardio program to keep you moving steadily towards your goals alongside your diet.
  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching Phone Follow Up Calls – so you’ll have access to me for questions directly, motivation, support, and accountability through our monthly VIP Clients ONLY conference call.
  • Inner Circle Contest Prep Dashboard w/ articles, videos, podcasts, and more. All designed to help you focus on the best advice to get ready for your season. 
  • Free Online Group Posing Session Workshops. You'll have complimentary access to any of our online Pose Like-A-RoxStar Group Posing sessions once a month.
  • Monthly Q and A Live Chat w/ Roxie
  • Coaching Session of the Month Podcasts
  • Members Only Articles Sent Weekly
  • Access to our Facebook Group and Member Forum for motivation and support.

As a competitor, you want to be able to have all the tools you need to have a highly successful contest prep. 

Having a custom tailored diet is a major part of that! So is making sure that you peak properly for your show, AND avoid a huge post show rebound.

You shouldn't have to figure to figure that out on your own - and I 100% AGREE that you shouldn't have to.

My Inner Circle Contest Prep Level 2 Coaching is the perfect solution to making sure we leave NO stone unturned in your prep programming. Here's what you get when you include this add-on for your prep.

  • Get a personalized meal plan ALL SPELLED OUT! Plus unlimited updates and tweaks leading into your show, based on how your body responds.
  • Get your supplement schedule all mapped out, and factored into your personal needs and goals. From protein powder to fat burners, we'll discuss what your best options are and instruct you how to supplement accordingly.
  • Personalized tweaks to your cardio programming! Although the contest prep plans in my Inner Circle VIP programs are already spelled out for you, you might need something a little extra, or tweaks to the plan to help you bring your best. With this add-on package, you'll get your cardio personally spelled out so we can make sure to be blasting fat, and keeping muscle in the best - and smartest way possible.
  • Personalized Step-by-Step Peak Week Programming from two weeks out, all the way through your show. I have developed a 100% FOOLPROOF peak week protocol that gets my clients tight, dry, lean and READY by the morning of the show. You'll be able to have this same exact systematic approach - and be poised to look absolutely stunning on stage.
  • 2 Week Reverse Diet Programming. Once you're done with your show, I will send you a personalized two week reverse diet macros and calories set up. You can use this to include a flexible dieting approach to add normalcy BACK into your daily grind post show. I'll also send you a pre-designed 2 week reverse diet training program that I use to ensure that my competitors come off of their show and avoid the dreaded post show rebound so common among competitors.



Ok so here's how things work...

  • I do NOT accept every person who wants to work with me. 
  • Request a FREE discovery call so we can discuss your goals, and determine if the program will be right for you. This call will be about 30-45 mins of your time.
  • Once your application is accepted, we will go onto the next phase which is your New Client Plan Your Destiny Strategy Call.
  • During this call, I will find out more about you and your goals, and we will draft a COMPLETE starting game plan with a 12-16 week time frame in mind.
  • After the call, we will get you started. All monthly payments come out on the 1st or 15th of each month, depending on the date closest to when you sign up.

Some More Frequently Asked Questions

Your payment will be charged on a recurring basis until you decide to cancel at any point.


Individual results may vary based upon your level of participation in the program. RoxStar Fitness, LLC. does not and cannot guarantee your results. The testimonials on this site are all 100% real and accurate. However, it must be disclaimed that these testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results with the program. They are meant as a showcase of what the most motivated and dedicated clients can do with the program. Your results may vary, and you may not get the same results when using this program due to differences in your individual exercise history, genetics, and personal motivation.