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Get Coached by IFBB Pro Roxie Beckles

If you are FINALLY ready to stop the frustration, stop the confusion, and FINALLY start to train and eat in a way that will get you to your show - without compromising your health in the long-term... 

Then you owe it to yourself to work closely with me through my  personalized contest prep coaching program.

Dear Aspiring New Competitor, National Level Competitor, Seasoned Pro, Bikini, Figure, Women's or Men's Physique Competitor, or anyone looking to work with an EXPERIENCED and certified expert contest prep coach:

I have a few questions to ask you when it comes to your contest prep goals, your efforts in the gym, and what you expect from the perfect program to get you ready for your upcoming show....

Say YES Out Loud if ANY of the Following Questions Speak to You...

  • If you don’t want to spend HOURS doing cardio, and eating low calorie, no carb diets to get lean, and show ready...
  • If you KNOW you need accountability, motivation and support to get on track with your goals, and bringing your BEST to the stage….

Then you owe it to yourself to see exactly how my fully customized, 100% done-for-you, smarter and healthier contest prep approach is the perfect solution for YOUR competition goals.

I want to tell you right now... You've NEVER had a coach like me before...

Let me show you EXACTLY what YOU need to do to finally reach your goals - for good!

My "All Science/No BS" Approach has been getting my clients in the best shape of their lives, and get on stage without suffering... And now it's your turn.

It's YOUR Turn to be My Next Success Story!

You CAN Win at This Game. Stop the frustration, stop the confusion and start getting the results you're working SO hard for.

Your Health and Your Body is the GREATEST Most Precious Gift 

on this Planet...

Are you willing to give the responsibility of your GREATEST gift on Earth to:

  • A coach who doesn't consider keeping your metabolism strong and healthy 
  • A coach who doesn't realize how that super low calorie diet and hours of cardio are f-cking up your hormones 
  • A coach with a "whatever it takes" mindset who refuses to design a SANE program that will NOT ruin your metabolism 
  • A coach who doesn't give a damn about your life or your sanity 
  • Are you so willing to put your most precious gift of your sense of self-worth into the hands of a "coach" who doesn't care? 
  • A so-called "coach" who lacks experience?  
  • And sees you as another number on their roster?


To HELL With These

Instagram Chicks and InstaCoaches!

Aren't YOU Tired of Them? I'M Tired of Them!

That's NOT the Kind of "Coach" YOU Want...

You CANNOT Afford to Waste Your Time or Your Money on Inferior Coaching Programs w/ "Insta" Coaches Who Lack Experience!

The truth is, with the explosion of social media...

Anyone can call themselves a coach!

And this has never sit well with me - especially nowadays.

Here's the truth, a lot of these coaches have not paid their dues! They think that just because they did one competition or they lost a bunch of weight, that they can now teach everyone else how to do it too.


And that's just not how it works!

You know this - and you can see right through this too.

So... You are willing to invest in someone who knows what they're doing.


  • Every client that comes to me has a name and a face.  
  • You know me, and I know you. 
  • I care about YOU, and I take getting to your goal my PERSONAL mission.


I prefer to call myself an online coach, fitness mentor, and fitness educator.

  • What that means is that I put in way more time, energy, and resources into the plans I create.  
  • It means that I am fully invested in seeing my clients truly LEARN what the science behind training and nutrition is all about. 

Even further, it means that I am committed to giving my clients ALL of the tools they need to not only be successful at their achieving their goals... But to be able to KEEP THOSE CHANGES in the long-term.

I've spent well over 20 years of my life working hard to transform the bodies and lives of my clients, and most importantly, HANDS ON as a REAL fitness professional.

  • You want to have a REAL coach and fitness professional who has been doing this not only successfully for themselves, but for others for several years. 
  • Experience means something to you. 
  • Experience is what earns your trust. 
  • You want to work with someone who you can take seriously.  

And you know that that what I have to offer fits that bill for you - absolutely spot on.

Here's What Makes MY Coaching Program Superior and PERFECT for YOU

A Coach Who Provides a FULLY TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM. One That Considers YOU - as a PERSON.

Not Just a Body on the Stage.

At the age of 52, Carolyn earns her IFBB Pro Card! She was working closely with me alongside her for 2 full contest prep seasons, and 1 full off-season before turning pro.

I started in this business as a personal trainer back in 1997.

From Day 1, it has always been my passion to not only lead the way in getting my clients to their goal, but to also:

  • Show them how to do it. 
  • Teach them about proper nutrition. 
  • And educate them about what really drives results, so they can have all the tools they need to maintain the progress we achieve together on their own.

For my contest prep clients, my goal has ALWAYS been to be the type of coach to them, as I would expect for myself.

  • A coach who truly CARES about her clients.
  • Who takes the time to get to know THEM.... Their needs, their goals.
  • A coach who has been there, and understands how hard this process can be mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • A coach who is a REAL COACH, and not some fake inexperienced social media personality.
  • A coach who knows the the f**k they're doing, and not trying to kill clients with stupid protocols that make NO sense.
  • A coach who ANSWERS QUESTIONS with FULL SENTENCES. And not dismissive 1 word answers.
  • A coach who is not just giving you a diet and training program, but instead a FULLY DESIGNED 100% CUSTOMIZED approach that is tailored SPECIFICALLY for your needs.

Who Is IFBB Pro Roxie Beckles - and Why Should You Trust Her to Finally Get You to Your Contest Prep Goal...?

  • My clients see dramatic changes, they not only change their body, but they improve their health. 
  • They see their lifestyle evolve into a way of living that supports their physical changes for the long term.  
  • They are able to prep for their shows the HEALTHY and smart way.
  • They don't have to spend HOURS AND HOURS a day doing cardio.
  • Flexible dieting becomes the cornerstone to their contest prep diet.
  • They feel amazing and empowered going into their shows.
  • Post contest rebound and huge weight gains become a thing of the past.

Best of all, and most fulfilling, is that I can put this training and nutrition system to work on anyone, and see them go from being ashamed and unhappy with their body, to absolutely LOVING what they see when they look in the mirror.


And that's what I am offering to you.

A chance to just "love the skin you're in", to appreciate your body, and to help you to finally get off the hamster wheel, and to see your fitness goals become your reality.

And even further...

To be able to prep for your show in a way that keeps your health - and your sanity - in mind, and as our main priority.

After 11 national level shows, and failed attempts with another coach, Amy Watson FINALLY earned her IFBB Pro Card with me in ONE season. See more about her story below.

I spent many years studying the human body, studying advanced program design, studying human metabolism and nutrition - investing in THOUSANDS of dollars in advanced certifications and educational programs.

And what that has led to after 20+ years is a proven formula that is rooted in the current science, and driven by real world results.

I've put my proven system and approach to training in action on clients of all fitness levels, all backgrounds, both male and female, competitor and non-competitor alike, and the results have always been the same...

Samantha Towe not only earned one, but TWO pro cards with me. One with the WBFF in figure, and one with the IFBB in figure. Sam is a long time RoxStar Fitness client, and now - a Team RoxStar Success Coach, assisting clients along the way to stay focused and motivated towards their goals.

My #1 Job is to Get YOU to Your Goals - Safely and Effectively. And to Give YOU the Support & Accountability You Need to Finally Have that Winning Stage Look...


Take A Look At My Winning Team RoxStar Clients...

Hold On a Sec! My Clients Have Something They Want You to Know...

Now let me ask you this...

My main goal since day one has always been about getting my clients REAL RESULTS.

And this has become somewhat of a personal mission for me that I've taken very seriously, and is responsible for the high success rate of every client that works with me.


The reason why I take my work so seriously is because despite the fact that I'm an online coach and personal trainer, in some respects I'm just like you.


A few years ago, I had a goal…

You see I've always been in good shape due to my work as a professional dancer and avid gym-goer.

But I wanted more!

  • I wanted to be like the women I saw in the fitness magazines I religiously read. 
  • I wanted to finally step on a competition stage and have the body of a superhero. 
  • I read everything I could get my hands on in attempts to change my physique.

The very one that has brought you right here to my site…


If you're anything like a majority of my current clients, it's probably been quite some time.


You're probably at the point where you are up to the gills frustrated that you can't figure this out on your own, and you know you need help.

And right now, you probably don't even know where or how to get that help.

Or if you can even trust that working with anyone online is worth the risk, or your hard-earned cash.


Well allow me to take a moment to tell you more about me - and how I can relate to exactly what you're feeling...

I started in the fitness industry as a personal trainer in 1997. My number one goal has always been to literally change the lives of my clients through proper training and nutrition.

But not only that…

How long have you been trying to attain your current contest prep goal?

It took several years of trial-and-error before I finally found the perfect training and nutrition formula that finally gave me the look I wanted.

Me Competing at the Olympia in Women's Physique

This training and nutrition formula that I created did several things for me:

  • My body transformed before my eyes. 
  • I finally started to see that six pack I always wanted (but found hard to get). 
  • I put on solid muscle that looked great for my frame and stature. 
  • I was able to still get to my goals all while enjoying food I loved and craved. 
  • And after a few weeks, I was finally able to step on a competition stage - and won big!

After seeing my own success in action, it was time to put things to the real test and try my formula on my clients. Lo and behold, they saw the same great results.


So what is this formula that I keep talking about?


Let me break it down for you right now…

My EXCLUSIVELY Developed & Crafted "All Science/NO BS" Approach to Coaching and TRANSFORMING LIVES...

But My P.E.AT Method Training System does not begin and end in the gym... 

P.E.A.T stands for “Physique Enhancing Athlete Training” and it’s a system of training that I have developed over the 18+ years I’ve spent as a trainer and coach for people of various training levels and ages. 

My P.E.A.T method builds its foundation on “The Principle Of Specificity” meaning the body will adapt and develop based on the types of demands you place it on.

So, train like an athlete, look like an athlete.

My Exclusive P.E.A.T Method Training System

Whether your goal is to drop body fat, increase muscle, get stronger, be faster, or to move and function optimally in your daily life, my P.E.A.T Method Training System can be custom tailored to ensure you reach those goals & transform your body successfully.

Over the years I have developed and refined this training system, and have witnessed its efficacy for everyone from:

  • The average man or woman 
  • The stay at home or working mom 
  • The avid gym goer or weekend warrior recreational sport athlete 
  • The busy working professional who wants to move more and get into better shape 
  • The beginner or seasoned amateur competitor 
  • And the professional level physique competitor alike...  

And not only have I seen first hand the great results for those whom I have coached, but it has been the exact training method that has rapidly shaped and developed my own physique as well.

It also follows hand in hand with a healthier and more balanced approach to nutrition.

As the saying goes “you cannot out-train a bad diet,” nutritional programming is the crucial part of the puzzle that will link YOU TO YOUR SUCCESS.

Your nutrition program is custom tailored to your likes, dislikes, sensitivities, allergies, age, weight, height, and activity level.

The focus of the P.E.A.T Method Nutrition Program is BALANCED AND COMPLETE nutrition.

It stresses the importance of ALL FOOD GROUPS, while finding the perfect macronutrient combination that YOUR body specifically needs to attain your goals.


At the same time, one of the biggest advantages of my P.E.A.T Method Nutrition System is that it provides you with the tools for LONG TERM SUCCESS once you’ve attained your goals.


You’ll learn how to see food as fuel.

And more importantly, you will learn to realize food is your greatest ally and not your worst enemy.

My P.E.A.T Method Nutrition Program is the game changer that can help take you to the next level.

With these two elements working hand in hand, you become poised to see nothing but your goals being met and to be set on the path to LONG TERM success.

Now, before I get into how my exclusive one-on-one coaching program works, let me tell you who it's for...

Who My 100% Personalized Coaching Program is NOT For...

You are Ready to Become a RoxStar If You Are:

  • Someone ready to invest in a REAL DEAL coach, and transformational experience that will last WELL BEYOND your time on the stage.
  • Someone interested in prepping for their show in the smartest way possible.
  • Beginner OR Advanced/Seasoned Competitors of any division.
  • Someone looking to begin a productive off season after their  contest prep.
  • Someone who is ready to do whatever it takes to commit to a customized training and nutrition program!  
  • Someone who is willing to step outside of the box, and try an approach completely different than what they're used to!  
  • Someone who is ready, willing, and able to bring their A game as they work closely with me!  
  • Someone who knows that this isn't a lose weight quickly or magic pill program, and they're willing to put in the work and dedication for the long haul!
  • Someone who is not ready to make the full commitment to themselves and their goals.
  • Someone who is not committed to the process for the long haul, we are not the right fit for each other if this is the case.
  • Someone who is looking for a quick fix solution.
  • Someone who hates working hard, has little discipline, and wants things given to them the easy way.

You Deserve To Finally Have The Body You're Working SO Hard For - and Look Your Absolute BEST on Stage

Here's what you can expect once you become a Roxstar...

Say Good-Bye To Cookie Cutter Programs!

Your training program will challenge you, evolve every few weeks, and keep you focused on training hard to reach your goals.

You have full and complete access to me and my team for questions, motivation, support and more. We are here to get you to your goal!

Your meal plan will

consider your likes, dislikes, sensitivities, and allergies.

Your Fully Customized Program Is Tailored For Your Personal Goals, Preferences, and Lifestyle

No Matter Where You Are, I Am By

Your Side, Guiding You Towards Your Fitness Goals....

Online Coaching allows us to work together, regardless of location, time constraints, or distance.

My number one goal is getting you to YOUR goal. I'm dedicated to ensuring that you stay on track, and stay focused. I love helping my clients to LEARN the why's behind the "why". 

I am always available to answer questions, to lend advice, to give motivation, and to make sure that we keep progressing - avoiding plateaus.

Your program is delivered to you completely online, giving you 24 hour access to your game plan. Time and distance is never an issue, myself and my staff are available to assist you no matter where you are.

This is How Your Program is Delivered...

Conveniently & Privately Online

Take a Private Tour of the RoxStar Fitness Client Portal

Check out this exclusive video to see a full hands on demo of exactly how your training schedule, workout programs, and meal plan are delivered to you.

Everything is done in a way to make your program easy to follow, and available to you right at your fingertips...

Your diet, workouts, and training schedule are ALL SPELLED OUT FOR YOU, and done so that everything is easy to follow – and navigate on your own. I give you the EXACT tools you need to see your fitness dreams become YOUR reality.

Together, we tackle the mental “mind taffy” that makes this game difficult for most – leading to them fail. An good, amazing coach will be there for you every step of the way – not just in the gym while you’re in front of us.

Experience How My Exclusive Coaching Philosophy Can Take Your Program To The Next Level...

Take a Look at My RoxStars in Action

Imagine going into the gym every single day and feeling motivated, focused, and INSPIRED. Doing LESS cardio yet still seeing results.

Your training is set up to keep you interested, keep you pushing hard, keep you "raising the bar" every workout - which serves as a direct path to achieving your fitness goals.

Here are a few words from some of my competitors...

I started off this prep with so much expectation, for my body and for the experience. 

I had decided after last years contest season, that things NEEDED to be different. I was interested in trying new techniques, less drastic techniques. 

I KNEW there had to be another way. 

I initially started working with another well known and very knowledgeable trainer. That started me off to a great beginning to what I was hoping would bring me to my best physique EVER. As things turned out, at about 9-10 weeks out, things weren’t working out, and I made a huge and most difficult decision to break with that trainer. I was scared and worried. “Would I be able to, on my own, bring my body to the place I knew it could go?”

Let me say, I have done my own diet for years. 

Since, I pretty much started competing 6 years ago. I know how to diet, and I know how to train. But in the end, making decisions for myself is one of the hardest things I struggle with. I need support. That decision-making part in my prep is HUGE! Here comes Roxie!!

I met Roxie in 2010 at Team Universe. I have followed her journal on and I knew how knowledgeable she was in regards to not only diet, but also training. She really seemed to know her stuff and she was training and dieting in a way that was consistent to what I wanted this prep. After talking with her at length I made the decision to hire her to help me with my last 9 weeks till my first show and the remaining 12 till my last show of the season. She more than exceeded my expectations!

I not only came in with the best physique I ever brought to the stage, I also had the most amazing experience with prep, I think I can honestly say I ever had in the entire 6 years of doing this crazy sport. After this experience, I can say, I will NEVER prep any other way.

Long gone are the hours upon hours on the cardio machine, doing multiple sessions a day. Elimination of multiple food groups and dietary fats from my diet is a thing of the past. I would say that by contest time, I am usually depleted, tired, and I feel my hair is starting to fall out. This year, not only did the latter NOT happen, but, I felt amazing! So good in fact, I could’ve continued to diet for so much longer had I wanted to.

Roxie also brings to the table, and incredible personality. She is so very supportive. 

She was always there for me at a moments notice if I was struggling. I had conversations not only via email, but telephone, which was a HUGE plus for me. Roxie is a great person, and a true COACH, not just a “trainer” who spits out a diet and training regimen. She embodies all that I think a good coach should be.

Roxie is of course, also extremely inspirational in her own right. As a fellow women’s physique competitor, she portrays all that I hope to be one day. I would definitely work with her again in the future, without question. Other than my family, she was my rock during prep, and someone I couldn’t have made it through without.*

Ila Reed

NPC Women's Physique Competitor 

After 11 National Level Shows... Finally An IFBB Pro!

Long gone are the hours upon hours on the cardio machine, doing multiple sessions a day. Elimination of multiple food groups and dietary fats from my diet is a thing of the past...*

I had been training myself for many years and decided I wanted to try to compete on the national stage. 

After a less than stellar performance at the IFBB North Americans in 2014 I decided to hire my first coach. I worked with him for approximately 9 months. I competed twice while working with him and ended up deciding it wasn't the right fit for me. 

One of those local competitions was with a fellow Michigander competitor who I have been competing against for years, but who seemed to have brought her best package to date to the stage. 

After chatting with her backstage about what she had changed, she mentioned that she was working with a new coach, Roxie. When I made my decision to move on from my first coach I set up a phone consult with Roxie and felt like we just clicked and we began working together.

Roxie develops a plan that is very personalized to exactly what your goals are. Though she has many clients, you feel like you are the only one. She also really knows her stuff and uses science to explain the changes she makes to your plan and why the body responds the way it does.

My biggest challenges are curbing my sweet tooth and sticking to a eating plan, but with the flexible diet approach that Roxie takes it has been much easier to see the results. Another challenge of mine has always been getting my lower body to lean out for a competition, but with Roxie my lower body leaned out the most it ever has all while doing the minimum amount of cardio.

Hiring Roxie was the best choice I ever made for my figure career and I am looking forward to our next season together!

Megan Patrick - NPC and OCB National Level Figure Competitor

I chose Roxie, because she has a body type similar to mine, so I thought if anyone could help me, SHE could!

I was very impressed with the meal guidance. It is my BIGGEST challenge! 

In my past, people that I worked with before, were used to cutting food, if you didn't progress how THEY thought you should. That may not be all wrong, in some situations, but that did not work for me. It almost felt like punishment, plus I had no energy and my cravings went crazy! I always cheated on my diet! 

I have seen for MYSELF, that you need to eat, the RIGHT foods, that is. Roxie has changed my mind about what I was used to and I appreciate that! Even contest prep meal planning is good! We all know how miserable that can be...

I was very afraid of coaching from a distance, but Roxie honestly stayed on MY BUTT, more so then I was used too, especially during contest prep, lol;-). I needed it though! Now It is very important for ME, to be accountable for ME, and that is the discipline I wanted, and NEVER thought I could develop!

Yanick Rockett - NPC Figure Competitor

I am a lot leaner, and I have more muscle mass, which are personal goals for me!...*

My physique has gone to a whole new level since beginning with Roxie. I competed in the IFBB North Americans again while working with Roxie and better my placement by 10 placings over the previous year...*

I have been lifting for years and as I got older, I got more into power lifting. 

After several injuries and 2 surgeries this year, I needed to change my focus. 

I wanted to sculpt my body and not just be big and strong. I started tailoring my diet and that worked fine, but I decided to do my first show which was in November. I had no idea how to show prep. 

My fiancee' utilized Roxie's services to prep for her first show and she looked marvelous! 

That was proof enough for me. I put everything in the hands of Roxie and the Roxstar team. They made it easy. All I had to do was follow the plan and keep working hard in the gym. I couldn't have been more pleased with my progress. 

The only issue I had is I should have started sooner with Roxie. I have decided to compete in more shows, so I will utilize her service again and again. I know it works. I'm the proof.

If you are thinking about using Roxie and you are skeptical, don't be. She is a true professional that is very versed in this game. I would recommend her to anyone looking to better their health and physique... Male or Female!

Jerome Watkins - Natural Men's Physique Competitor

‘We’ knew we needed to bring a bit tighter body so Roxie told me what to do, and I did it. Lol it was that easy. She always gave me the option of a free meal if I needed it. And I never did, but knowing it was there made my prep like 80000 times easier!

Like she knows how life and prep can get and sometimes you need a free meal. As a female she’s been there and relating to someone like that helps. Now don’t get me wrong, I was busting ass in the am cardio sessions and pm listing and cardio but it was never an insane amount but it was intense, fucking intense.

I didn’t do so well at Jr. nationals and it was a little rough on the ego. Roxie sent me and email literally 5 minutes after getting off stage to call her. We chatted and she gave me instructions for food etc etc. again, she was in my corner.

After that show she pushed, hard, to compete at Team Universe. I had previous commitments but her encouragement made me rethink. She also laid out the things that we’d change.





Once again she laid the plan, and I followed it to a T. No free meal options in those 3 weeks. Not if I was hungry to win.

I was able to cut the body fat I wanted a lot faster than I was doing it myself....*

Team U went smashingly well for us. As you may know. It was such a collaborative effort, it never felt like just me. I can’t praise this coach and her vision and business ethic enough! She’s def not a slacker and her clients show it!

I’ve said this before, I have no idea how many clients Roxie has to watch over. If you’ve competed before, you know it can be like herding cats, lol. But every single day from lean build to walking off that stage, it seriously felt like I am her only client. Never like a number or a cookie from a cutter.

I’m so convinced my success this year in reaching my goal was because of Roxie. Hands down. Best investment I have made and I only wish I would have done so sooner.

I have referred so many women to her, just to check her out. I’m not sure how many have signed up, but I’ll continue to give credit where it’s due. She made my dream come true.

My goal of 7 long years… 11 national stages… ELEVEN! Lol.

I know she’ll continue to be successful. Because when you have that kind of passion, you can’t be stopped. Some day I’ll meet this lady in the flesh. Until then I’ll continue to follow her journey and probably continue to train under her! Heck yea I’m proud to be #becklesbuilt.*

I’m so convinced my success this year in reaching my goal was because of Roxie. Hands down. Best investment I have made and I only wish I would have done so sooner.*

I started my competitive figure journey approximately 7 years ago. 

A good friend and trainer talked me in to enter into a 12 week prep and compete in a local Michigan show. I was well acquainted with the gym, as I was there every day, on the treadmill. I’ll admit I was a cardio queen! I began learning how to properly lift and eat /diet for a figure show.

I competed in that first show, and I was hooked!

I spent the next 6 years with a few (3) different prep coaches who taught me a lot. Some things made sense and other things and methods just seemed backwards. But I didn’t really question it, because I was the newbie paying someone else to be the expert. And if i did question something, I never got an answer that made me feel better.


Hindsight is 20/20…

It was 2014 and I competed in 3 national level shows placing between 12-16 (which is basically last place). I had been dieting for about 6 months with no cheat meals and maybe one or two changes in my diet. Most changes came in the form of increasing cardio.

At my last show of the year, my body was really starting to rebel. I looked awful. Gone was any fullness to my muscle despite weighing just under 3 pounds what I started at the first show of the year. I had to change something.

My confidence was broken, my body was in rough shape, but I’m not a quitter and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to complete that goal I had set so many years ago of turning pro.


Enter Roxie.

I’m often asked how I found my current coach and I respond easily with, social media. I work in social media and know just how truly powerful this advertising tool is. I started following Roxie and her journey just after she obtained IFBB Women’s Physique Pro status.

What really caught my attention was an article she wrote and published about reverse dieting. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I also travel for work and I was at a gym in Atlanta lifting legs before my flight was to leave for Michigan. I devoured the article between sets on the leg press. She laid it out for me right there, she laid it out for anyone that wanted to read it, for free! After that binge read anything she had written/posted/etc. I was like if she’s giving out this info to anyone, what kind of attention would she give me if I was her client.

I think it took me another 2 or 3 weeks before I finally signed up for a free phone consultation.

I was weirdly nervous… Our call was scheduled while I was driving in Iowa, for work, and I pulled over at a gas station to be able to concentrate on everything this woman was going to say to me. At the end of our free 15 min talk, yea right nothing ever lasts the time it’s supposed to!!! (Another thing, you don’t ever feel like you’re being rushed with Roxie, like she’s giving you lip service to get you off the phone) I was on top of the world!

I had signed up for 3 months in what she called ‘lean build’. I called it off season bulking.

And then I was like, what did I just do?! What did I just spend?!? My fears quickly subsided… Let me explain.

First, her prompt staff is ridiculous. Everything was set up for me ASAP. Customized from my meal plan to training schedule. Also laid out were her expectations of me. And that’s also what I appreciated. I can’t give all her secrets away but let’s just say this lean build period was amazing as she’s got some slick tools that make meal planning SO EASY! Especially if you desire variety, which I really don’t, but it was nice to have OPTIONS AND FOOD!

My God, I was eating so much food and lifting so heavy and training so hard. It was wonderful! And free meals (others may call cheat meals) made life livable!!

Ok 3 months pass and we start talking prep. We set our sights set on a national qualifier in MI so that I would qualify to compete nationally. I was really wondering how this was going to work with an online coach during prep. As I think back I laugh because the amount of support I received was outstanding. Notice I keep saying ‘we’ because I didn’t feel alone. I felt alone with previous coaching despite regular training sessions in the gym.

Roxie literally answered any and all questions lightning fast and with scientific evidence or studies and personal experiences to back it up. I scheduled a posing session where she told me like it is, no coddling, which I hate. I’m paying you to help me get to the best I can be, not say oh you look fine.

Fast forward to the week before the show. Constant interaction and diet tweaks had me looking my best. Gone were any fears of being on my own. Sure I went to the show by myself, but I also knew Roxie was if I needed her.

On a Saturday! Who works on Saturdays?!

Oh did I mention the time change had me emailing at 4am my time, 1am her time?! Who does that?! Who cares that much?!

At that show I got an insane amount of attention from those that I’ve known in the industry for the past years asking what I did different this year. My answer remained the same and directed any and all to Roxie. After winning overall at that show a good boost of confidence had me ready to tackle the next.

Guess What... It's YOUR Time to Shine!

Take the Next Steps to Becoming a RoxStar

Ok so you've heard enough of me talking... And you're simply ready to get started! 

That's great. I am so honored to have you along on this amazing new journey to seeing how a SMARTER contest prep can truly transform not only your body, but your lifestyle, and your LIFE! This bodybuilding thing is a thing that can improve everything around you from inside out

And imagine how amazing and confident you'll feel knowing you finally took a chance to do something GREAT - and absolutely crushed the HELL out of it?

Well, that's what we'll do together... And so take a moment to apply, and make that goal your reality... Today!

A full evaluation of a client’s starting point via pics, measurements, and detailed feedback about what they have been doing up to our starting point.

  • Every client is different, every “body” needs something different. 
  • I take a look at your starting point, and evaluate your physique
  • We look at what parts may need to be brought up, and what parts may be dominant, and design a plan with the main focus and goal of bringing overall BALANCE AND SYMMETRY to your physique
  • We consider your current diet, training, and cardio and make recommendations based upon this information as to what the best course of action should be. 
  • For some taking on a contest prep right away is a great decision, for others, taking a step back and focusing on revamping their plan a bit may be a better option. It depends on where the client is staring, and we make recommendations based off of these evaluations. 


A CUSTOM TAILORED Contest Prep Program is designed for each client’s needs, and bringing them to the stage their best based off of the requirements for their division.

  • After our initial evaluation, we take the information you’ve given us, and we design a 100% individualized training and nutrition plan based off of your needs
  • Say goodbye to the typical cookie cutter approach used by many other online competition prep coaches when you work with us. 
  • We understand that each client has their own needs, and we cater to those needs
  • Program updates are tweaked and progressed based off of BIOFEEDBACK
  • So we take into account your weight, measurements, photos, and feedback about how each cycle went for you in order to direct you on what your next steps should be. 
  • Cardio and training recommendations are based off of a client’s starting point. 
  • We make recommendations that make sense, and take into account a client’s long term health above anything else

Weekly Updates to Keep You Focused, Accountable, and On Track to Getting STAGE READY RESULTS

  • This allows us to constantly keep a clear pulse on your progress to make sure we bring things together on schedule. 
  • After receiving your initial plan from us (4 business days after submitting), we send your completed training and nutrition plan to you. 
  • You do your best at hitting within 90% of compliance on your diet, and push hard in your workouts. 
  • Each week, you submit your updated weight, measurements, photos, and feedback about how your cycle went. 
  • We’ll set up a time where you and I will sit one-on-one for 15 minutes and discuss what needs to be done to keep you progressing. 
  • Within 2 business days of your update submission, we send you your updated plan back, and repeat the process until we get to a point where weekly submissions are required (usually around 8 weeks out). 
  • This process is repeated all the way through your peak week, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your success as one of our athletes. 


Peak Week is a breeze, and we only make minor tweaks to bring you to your best.

  • Because we’ve spent so much time over your prep closely monitoring and evaluating your body and progress, peak week simply becomes an extension of the plan you’ve already been following.
  • Only minor changes are needed such as a small carb cycle, water manipulation, sodium manipulation (if necessary – not all clients need it), and the required training and cardio adjustments to bring you to your leanest – and your best.
  • My Detailed Contest Prep Methods and Approach Leaves You With NO REBOUNDS!
  • We take each client through a hand held process of reverse dieting for about 2 weeks post show. So no more crazy weight fluctuations or severe water retention from having no post show exit strategy.

Ready To Get Started... This How Things Work...


Becoming A RoxStar Is Easy and The Best Investment You Can Make in Yourself as a Competitor!

per Month

Team RoxStar 16 Week Platinum Level 

Exclusive Prep Program

Here’s what working with me within my coaching program provides you.

  • You’ll work with a coach who KNOWS.
  • Who's been there.
  • Who has reached the highest level in the sport as an IFBB Pro and 2014 50th Anniversary Olympia.
  • Who can bring out your best because she knows what it takes.
  • You’ll have someone in your corner who wants to see you put your best on that stage.
  • You’ll have a coach who will be honest with you, and won't bullshit you about how you look. Who will give kind but constructive criticism so you can look better than ever before.
  • You can rely on a coach who is there for you and eager to give you the personal time and attention you need to succeed.
  • You will be able to get straight answers.
  • If you ask why something is done, there is no argument, 1 word answers, nor curt “because I said so” responses.
  • Learn the why's behind the why because I have no problem sharing my knowledge.
  • Complete transparency with your diet and training program. Get your daily macros and calories on your plan so you understand what works best for you on this process.
  • Stop overthinking! Your cardio program and weight training will be all spelled out in a super easy to follow format. You can go on autopilot and simply focus on the most important part of this process: doing your best, being consistent, staying on plan.

So now, let’s talk about how to get you up and started…

This is our most EXCLUSIVE package. If you want the fastest track to your goals, improve your placings, hit the national level, or even improve your shots at turning pro - then this is the package for you.

Step 1: Explore If We Are The Perfect Fit

Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Call

Now, here's what I need you to know... I do not work with everyone who wants to work with me! This is pretty harsh, you might think, but it's far more important to me to have clients who are truly dedicated to, and serious about, their goals than it is to help several hundreds of clients.

So before you even pay a dime, I want to give you the opportunity to speak with me 1-on-1, and see if we can work together to accomplish your goals quickly and effectively.

  • During this call, you and I will talk about your goals and the shows you have in mind. 
  • We'll determine if it's a good idea for you to begin on my 16 week contest prep program, or if it is a better idea for you to work with me either 1-on-1 off-season, or my via my Inner Circle VIP Program. This will allow us to ensure you are making the SMARTEST choice when it comes to your prep.
  • We'll take a look at your current training and nutrition set up, and discuss possible ways we would tackle your personally designed contest prep program - crafted for YOUR ultimate success.
  • And I'll answer any questions you may have regarding the program, or any of the other services that I offer.
  • From here, we will be able to see if you are the right match to move onto personalized coaching with me.

Complimentary Discovery Call (30 Minutes)

Step 2: Discuss Your Goals, Background, and Fully Map Out Your Contest Prep Season

Once accepted into the program, our first order of business is to get down and talk about what your goals are, and what you wish to accomplish. Planning out your season in a way that makes sense is the best way to ensure that you shine up there on that stage. So, in order to do that, and do it right, we will have a 45-60 minute call to hash out the details.

  • This is a time for you and I to sit and identify what your specific goals are for the next 16 weeks during prep.
  • We will map out our game plan and each step we will take to get you to your best.
  • We will take a look at your physique and do a quick evaluation and critique to determine the best training split to begin with - which will be tweaked as we go along.
  • We will strategize your nutrition preferences and determine the best course of action for your meal planning to get your to your goal.
  • We will give you the peace of mind of having a full developed personalized program to get you where we need to be - on target, and on time.

Plan Your Season Strategy Call (45-60 Minutes)

Step 3: Getting Started and Establishing Our Game Plan Intensively in Month 1

Once we’ve figured out the details, it’s time to get things up and started. 

I'll go over your submitted paperwork, your pics, and consider your goals while putting together your 100% customized training program. Everything is done in a way so you can start ASAP upon getting your program back from me.

  • During the first week, after our strategy call, I am going to spend 4 business days to draft the PERFECT plan for you - including diet, weight training, cardio, and supplements.
  • I will comb through every detail and make sure to leave no stone unturned to get you through the initial setup of your program - and making sure it's ON TRACK.
  • You will get your plan back within 4 business days and execute it to the best of your abilities.
  • Each and every week you will submit an update to me via email, and I will spend at minimum 30 mins each time to evaluate your pics, measurements and feedback, then email you my personal VERY DETAILED feedback to keep you on track.
  • During Month 1, we will have a 1 hour posing session to make sure your presentation is on point. We will also evaluate the best kind of suit, including cut, color and design to compliment your structure and skintone.

Step 4: Digging in DEEP, Kicking Up the Intensity and Getting Results Months 2 and 3

This is probably the most important months for us. This is where you'll be sitting around 12 weeks and 8 Weeks Out from your show. This is where the REAL PUSH comes in, and where we will spend the bulk of our time, tweaking, adjusting, practicing, and perfecting.

  • You will continue to submit an update to me each and every week via email. This includes pics, measurements, weight, and feedback on how the process is going for you.
  • I will spend at minimum 30 minutes every single update combing over your progress, looking at and comparing previous updates to your current one, and giving you feedback via email.
  • You'll be assigned new workouts as deemed appropriate, and adjustments to your cardio and diet as well.
  • During this period, you will have 2 bi-weekly 15 minute phone follow up calls/month (4 calls total). We will discuss in greater detail how everything is going with you, and answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your program.
  • In addition, we will continue to tune up and tweak/perfect your presentation with 2 thirty minute posing tune up sessions.

All of this put together to fit your personal needs and goals, and get you straight to your goals - no gimmicks, no voodoo, no tricks. All science/no B.S. - and keeping your health 100% in the forefront of importance, as we race towards your stage goals.

Step 5: In The Home Stretch and Beyond

Our Final Month and Post Show Reverse Diet

Our final month is where we are tying everything together, and focusing on fine tuning your body, and your final look to perfection.

This is where we are starting to wind things up to get you on stage looking like a true seasoned athlete (whether you are a beginner or a pro). We leave not one single detail overlooked. Instead we focus on all the things that will have all eyes on you (in an amazing way) come showtime.

  • The first 2 weeks of the final month (4 and 3 weeks out respectively), we are going into your FINAL push into the show. This will probably be some of the most intense weeks on your program, but the most crucial as we burn off some final layers of fat, and really focus on keeping your shape.
  • During this phase, we will have your final 30 minute posing tune up session to ensure your body, presentation and posing is exactly where we need it to be to stay on track with our timeline.
  • Your weekly updates will continue for 4 and 3 weeks out. At this time, we will add video submissions to the mix so I can see you in a more 3D fashion - and get a FULL perspective on how you are shaping up into your show.
  • Starting at 2 weeks out, we will move into DAILY UPDATES. 
  • We will run a mock peak week and make sure that we have the 100% FOOLPROOF formula that we need for YOUR body to come in the right way - without surprises for your show the following week.
  • Your peak week training, meal plan, cardio, and water protocol will be all spelled out - tested, tweaked and ready to go.
  • Peak week is a BREEZE since will know exactly what to expect.
  • Water depletion, sodium manipulation (if needed) and any diuretic use (if needed) will be spelled out for you.
  • The day of your show, you will have FULL SHOW DAY ASSISTANCE. Including all of your meals spelled out, my hands on work via phone and email to make sure you look PERFECT. 
  • Post pre-judging check-in with me via phone to let me know how things went, and to determine what you should be eating that day.
  • Full reverse diet and training protocol all spelled out for you from the moment you step off stage.
  • 2 weeks of reverse dieting with training, cardio, water, and supplements to avoid crazy rebounds, and set you up for your next steps.
  • 30 minute phone follow up session post contest to determine what you wish to do next when it comes to your goals. Including, photo and video evaluation of your show (if we have that provided to us - or if you take some yourself) so you know what you need to work on next.

Want to do more than 1 show? 

Great! No Problem! Let's Continue Our Work...

A lot of times competitors want to do more than 1 show in a season. Great! After your payment for the initial 16 week package, you'll be able to go month to month until we complete your season successfully.

  • Continual coaching w/ personalized meal plan and training updates.
  • Weekly updates with personalized feedback from me via email directly.
  • 2 x 15 minute phone follow ups per month
  • Updated supplementation schedule.
  • 1 x 30 minute posing tune up sessions a month
  • Post Show deload and reverse diet.
  • Post Show Evaluation.


Contest Prep Coaching

(Post 16 Weeks)

Plan for Excellence in Your NEXT Prep Season. 

Begin Your MOST PRODUCTIVE Off-Season Ever - 

as a RoxStar

(Off Season Coaching Only)

You know your way around the gym, you’ve done several specifically designed meal plans before. You’re in need of a road map to your success, and prefer to have the accountability, and the structure that our program has to offer. 

  • This plan is excellent for those who have been successfully on other contest prep focused plans in the past. 
  • This plan gives you the structure you need, yet the freedom you crave, as well as the guide to making your commitment a lifestyle
  • It’s an excellent plan for those who are looking for competitors who want a 100% customized and personalized program to improve their shape, optimize their metabolism and get ready to have an amazing contest prep season.
  • This plan cannot be used for contest prep. But can be used for off season work with me.
  • Your meal plan is CUSTOM TAILORED to your needs and goals. We will intelligently reverse diet you to have your calories high as realistically possible (our goal for almost all competitors is always well above 2000 calories per day AT MINIMUM). 
  • Your diet is based on your likes/dislikes/sensitivities/allergies and rooted in our specialized flexible dieting approach.
  • You’ll also be given macronutrient and caloric totals for each day, giving you the freedom to eat as you wish with complete freedom, flexibility and variety.
  • Your training program is specifically designed with your goals, strength, weaknesses, fitness level, and abilities kept in mind.
  • You’ll have 1 Phone Follow Up Per Month With Roxie to continue to plan and strategize your off-season program, and make sure we are always 100% on track to your best.
  • Your updates are once a month, and will be tweaked specifically for your needs, based on biofeedback and progress.

Gold Level Off-Season

Optimization Program

This is an EXCELLENT plan for those who are off season that don’t necessarily need to have their hands held when it comes to diet and training.

100% Customized Meal Plan + Training 

Off-Season Competitor Development Program

Month to Month

Coaching Option

Suggested 16 Week

Cycles of work and


RoxStar Fitness Learning Academy and LIFETIME Private Community Add-On: 


Added Features and Benefits of the Inner Circle Membership for YOU…

  • Exclusive access to our members forum and online community 
  • Access to all exclusive site videos, articles, podcasts, and more amazing content 
  • Client only access for apparel items in our private Team RoxStar clothing store 
  • Discount for any eBooks, Webinars, and other online deliverable content 

We offer a chance for current RoxStar Fitness clients to broaden their horizons, and expand their system of support by way of other RoxStars.

The Inner Circle provides even more tools to enhance your experience. It gives you some extra tools to be able to stay on track, stay motivated, learn more about the WHY’S behind nutrition and training programming, and gives you all the things you need for LONG TERM SUCCESS. 

Here’s what we can provide to you when you join the RoxStar Fitness Learning Academy and Community:

Adding on the RoxStar Fitness Learning Academy provides you with another awesome way to expand your knowledge, and reaching towards your goals. If you are the type who loves to know the "why behind the why's", then this is the PERFECT add-on for you. I go into great detail about the science behind training and nutrition, and give you an even greater perspective about what and why we do the things we do, train the way we do, eat the way we do. This only enhances your experience, and sets you up for long term success down the line.

With your membership, you’ll have access to our exclusive member’s only community through our forum and Facebook Group, exclusive weekly motivational and Q&A videos with Roxie, access to our online webinars that cover topics from fat loss, strength building, contest prep, exclusive interviews with industry leaders and your favorite fitness personalities, and so much more. 

My Team RoxStar ALL INCLUSIVE Platinum Contest Prep Coaching is perfect for competitors of any level (novice to seasoned pro), or anyone who doesn’t want to waste time in a “coaching” program that can mean long term complications for their sanity and health.

If you’re serious about your goals, serious about doing your best, and serious about getting into an ultimate coaching program specifically designed to not only “coach” you – BUT TO DEVELOP YOU INTO A TOP NOTCH COMPETITOR, then you need to contact me today to set up your “Plan Your Season Strategy Call”.

And yes, I understand that this is a huge investment for some. But let me ask you this…

  • What price do you place on your goals?
  • On doing something RIGHT the first time?
  • On working with someone whom you KNOW will over you all the support, motivation, and focus you need to get to the finish line?
  • On feeling like you have someone in your corner who has not only been there herself... But CARES. Who sees your success as her personal success?
  • On having ALL of the tools you could ever need to get on stage, and learn to have that polish the judges LOVE? (And get it all at no extra cost.)

If this means anything to you, then contact me today. 

Set up your Plan Your Season Strategy Call, and let me show you how you can shine bright like a RoxStar on that stage starting TODAY!

Now It's YOUR Turn To Be My NEXT Success Story...*

Take the next steps to FINALLY getting to your goal, looking AMAZING on stage, and prepping for your show the 


Click below right now to set up your 

Complimentary Discovery Call


Don't leave this page without thinking about how you've tried everything, or the fact that you know your old approach and methods haven't worked...

So you came here to find the solution.

And I can assure you, I will work closely with you to capture that solution, and get straight to your goals like never before.

The accountability, support, motivation, and fully spelled out plan that you KNOW you need to succeed... 

I've got it for you.

You have nothing to lose, but that last bit of body fat that kept you from placing well at your last show...  

And you have everything to gain including confidence, focus, a sense of accomplishment, and just simply loving the process of what a SMART prep feels like - and how it doesn't interfere with your entire life.

With my satisfaction guarantee, you can eliminate the risk, and feel confident in giving my one on one coaching plan a try - and see exactly how it can potentially change your life forever.

I've been exactly where you are... So I know what it takes to succeed at this.

I truly look forward to enhancing your life - both on and off the stage.

Sincerely yours,

IFBB Pro Roxie Beckles 


Online Coach and Expert Personal Trainer

Owner, RoxStar Fitness, LLC.


Individual results may vary based upon your level of participation in the program. RoxStar Fitness, LLC. does not and cannot guarantee your results. The testimonials on this site are all 100% real and accurate. However, it must be disclaimed that these testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results with the program. They are meant as a showcase of what the most motivated and dedicated clients can do with the program. Your results may vary, and you may not get the same results when using this program due to differences in your individual exercise history, genetics, and personal motivation.

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